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#19. The Bitter Pill of Apparent Defeat—How Do We Cope with our Instinctual and Human Selves?

Remember the Centaur we saw in Sagittarius? Aiming always towards the heaven of our mental and spiritual worlds as we know them, honing his eye towards the true mark Sagittarius makes us forget the lower animal passions that writhe below, yet they do issue forth when they’re least expected. The hidden 12th House of the Unconscious for Sajj is Scorpio.

Those capturing emotions, whether Scorpionic or some other Sign’s ardor, drench us in the mysteries of the dark side of ourselves—invoking the screams of jealousy, and bitten lips of revenge, the chicanery of theft, diabolism of cruel words, and the tart pleasure of sarcasm and insult. They all stem from the dark part of our personality and negative Unconscious that Carl Jung dubbed the Shadow, or the unintegrated part of our Animus or Anima, or even the unnurtured Child who’s so angry about his past.

The grand Archetypes and their myriad splintered lesser ones have become deeply symbolized in our psych to the degree that we have scant therapeutic access to them. Of course revelation of them and their nature has been catalyzed by mythology, therapy, mediation, and Astrology.

Yet always we ask, How can there be anything good in a brutal murderer? Where is there a hero in that person?

And when we go more deeply and see our own capacities for maliciousness and hatred, we’re forced to question whether we possibly can have any heroic stuff in ourselves? I might get myself not to judge the stupid killer, but I can’t let go of my own mayhem inside. I can’t buy that I can be a hero.

Good. Keep that thought, because the arrogance of the self-satisfied hero creates barriers to opening the Stillness of the Light. I don’t want us to think of ourselves as heroes but merely to act every second as though this might be true.

I want us to take on the dark forces of our anger by being kind as much as is spontaneously possible, forgiving when it seems impossible, in thinking tenderly and compassionately about every person whom we see in our eye and mind.

That can become easy when thinking of JFK, or MLK, but what about their cold-blooded killers?…

Putting that difficult thought aside for a second, I want to remind ourselves that our most heroic act usually isn’t in giving our life for someone else (we seldom get that chance), but in saving ourselves. In walking bravely into the breach of our own pain and choosing love, in preferring Jupiterean paths of expansion, and trine aspects of harmony. When we do that we can look at the cold-blooded killer with different hearts. Then we become heroic.

The ever present aspect of our animal side may haunt us to the end, but the saint has his past and the sinner his future. There’s definitely hope (often found incidentally where the Asteroid, Pandora, sits in your chart..

The real heroism requires the bravery, dedication, love, purity, and, resilience to cross the inner threshold of the limitations of Saturn to the out-of-body Realms to accelerate our Divine Journey to the Spiritual Planes.