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#24. Song of Concern

Out of Body Planes

Out of Body Planes

Will you sing your song of satisfaction, joy, fulfillment?

Does the Universe serve us the notes to make our Preferred Music?
With reservations for what’s karmically best for us–it’s my experience
the Light completes our prayer, focused desire, and unconscious compulsions.

I want to help you understand your present and past
to make your future manifest in line with your now’s potential.
To make your love expand like a seed.

Together, we can do these things.

Screaming for the Dawn

Screaming for the Dawn


#12. Are you fulfilling your life’s intentions? Just surviving? Just playing?

The Title offers some heavyweight questions—ones that I as your Astrologist wouldn’t choose to tackle for you. The uncomfortable fact is that we don’t generally have any way to measure whether we’re in fulfillment, survival, or play-time.

We can’t tell from our life going smoothly or harshly unfortunately. Positive or grief will probably be a brief (6 mos. to 3 year) experience; and a harsh period may in truth be fulfilling your spiritual or psychic needs.

Perhaps the first place to start is to ask yourself this very question: Am I fulfilling my life’s intentions? Just surviving? Just playing? What answer comes up? What answer does your pen write if you’re holding it with your non-dominant hand?

        The question is then begged, WHAT ARE MY LIFE’S INTENTIONS?

Good clues, or perhaps entire answers, are found in the chart: Look at the positions of the Pluto, the Sun, and the North and South Nodes. How are you actualizing the spiritually powerful Outers of Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto?

The last four of these have only come into our modern knowledge in the last two hundred years. In fact Chiron was only discovered in 1977. They have come to midwife us into higher spiritual knowledge and self-recognition!

Send me your birth date, birth time, and birth place, and I’ll discuss your chart in these terms. I won’t use your name if you don’t want me to. This is FREE. Be Brave! and help develop our community.

#11. Spending Money on Counseling, Especially in Hard Times

My years of study in India, in meditation, and in transpersonal-spiritual areas of life and teachers have led me to be strongly persuaded to viewing humanity as spirit beings using a physical body for emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.Nearly all spiritual teachers and religions have taught that this is true, so I want to live my life to maximize my purpose for living. I must determine my Intention (to become compassion, to live in harmony without anger, or to do whatever I have decided my life needs). But how can I do this?

We generally select ego-indulgence since we don’t know what else to do to bring pleasure. We simply don’t know who we are, why we’re here, what to do, or how to do it. But underneath our personalities we are learning how to contact who we are as spirits. That’s where Astrology comes in.

Astrology is simply a major tool to help us know what we are and what’s going on in our being. Astrology is a guru, a wise crone, an inner guide, a wise teacher who knows everything about us–from the inside out. So we can consult Astrology (or Tarot) in confidence that our Inner Guide will always lead and teach us correctly. For some, this is faith in God(dess).

While some sects have decided Astrology is godless, the truth is that Astrology is woven into the very spiritual fabric of the universe–in the celestial bodies themselves. Planetary vibrations aren’t different from our frequencies or the Earth’s; in fact, they’re identical. The resonance between celestial energies and our own is why Astrology is precise and individual.

WE NEED HELP HERE. Life is hard for most (probably all) of us, because even if we have our material comfort zone taken care of, the emotions, the mind, and “other people” bring dilemmas. Astrology is one of the tools that can put us in touch with our True Self. And probably that’s what life is all about–and helping others to do the same.

Money is needed for the body–food, shelter, medical, etc. But it’s also just as badly needed for the Soul, the mind, and the emotions. And most people don’t really know how to feed these three properly, and perhaps at all.

In hard times we still must buy food, and we still must feed the Soul, mind, and emotions. If we don’t, then we can’t cope. We get unjustifiably angry, or filled with anxiety and confusion, or move towards divorce, isolation, aimless pursuits, and pain.

To live well (with quality and fulfillment) we must deal with ALL our being. That may mean reshuffling priorities to include money for the other necessities of life.

“Love handles most of it, but self-work is still required.”