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#17. If I’m My Own Mythic Hero, Why Don’t I Feel or Act Heroic?

#17. If I’m My Own Mythic Hero, Why Don’t I Feel or Act Heroic?

Of our Hero within, both Campbell and major historian Arnold Toynbee speak of our Soul “in coun­teraction to those other constant human fantasies that tend to tie it back” cries out in anguish at some point along the way like Dante for a hero to come and give battle to our “nursery demons and break through to the undistorted, direct experience and assimilation of what C. G. Jung has called “the archetypal images.”

This battle may be with our inner Mother or Father; it may take the form of our Anima (our wife), or Animus (boyfriend) who have assumed roles that we can’t stand because we’ve disowned those parts of ourselves; but the battle is always with ourselves, and each of us has to assume the hero role to wield the sword.

When I align my self-image to take responsibility for my situation and blockages, then I start my journey consciously and in deadly earnest.

Although I’ve waited for myself I must draw on Help (prayer, mythology, astrology) which often comes in forms like the Wise Old Man, the Wise Crone, or even a Child (though the first two generally appear in a persistent manner somewhat like “Socrates” in Dan Millman’s The Peaceful Warrior.) These Archetypes may manifest (one could say are sent by God) as a passing stranger at a bus stop, a taxi driver, a figure in a dream, my therapist, the eight-year old girl next store. My job is to pay attention—and avoid resisting which listens to the mind’s thoughts and feelings.

The point is that I must be born anew. I have to kill the Gorgon. I have to actualize the positive aspects of my solar and planetary energies to replace or minimize the negative aspects. The goal is to rise beyond the body to see the Reality of who we are and Who our Source is.

Anything else than this Work is playing in the Sandbox or just surviving.

When do you feel heroic? Probably never. The ego wants to feel heroic and proud. The awakening Soul has too much humility from the recognition of how things are and how blind it has been.

“The hero, therefore, is the man or woman who has been able to battle past his [or her] personal and local historical limitations” [Campbell].

Throughout all this and other Soulutions, Astrology plays a vital role in guiding and working with your mythic self-images and Archetypes, capable of in Dialogue identifying blockages, strengths, Archetypes, mythologies, paths of response. . . .