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#43. Serious about your Path? Ohotto echoes Astropath—Excellent Read

Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche

-C. G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections



#24. Song of Concern

Out of Body Planes

Out of Body Planes

Will you sing your song of satisfaction, joy, fulfillment?

Does the Universe serve us the notes to make our Preferred Music?
With reservations for what’s karmically best for us–it’s my experience
the Light completes our prayer, focused desire, and unconscious compulsions.

I want to help you understand your present and past
to make your future manifest in line with your now’s potential.
To make your love expand like a seed.

Together, we can do these things.

Screaming for the Dawn

Screaming for the Dawn

#19. The Bitter Pill of Apparent Defeat—How Do We Cope with our Instinctual and Human Selves?

Remember the Centaur we saw in Sagittarius? Aiming always towards the heaven of our mental and spiritual worlds as we know them, honing his eye towards the true mark Sagittarius makes us forget the lower animal passions that writhe below, yet they do issue forth when they’re least expected. The hidden 12th House of the Unconscious for Sajj is Scorpio.

Those capturing emotions, whether Scorpionic or some other Sign’s ardor, drench us in the mysteries of the dark side of ourselves—invoking the screams of jealousy, and bitten lips of revenge, the chicanery of theft, diabolism of cruel words, and the tart pleasure of sarcasm and insult. They all stem from the dark part of our personality and negative Unconscious that Carl Jung dubbed the Shadow, or the unintegrated part of our Animus or Anima, or even the unnurtured Child who’s so angry about his past.

The grand Archetypes and their myriad splintered lesser ones have become deeply symbolized in our psych to the degree that we have scant therapeutic access to them. Of course revelation of them and their nature has been catalyzed by mythology, therapy, mediation, and Astrology.

Yet always we ask, How can there be anything good in a brutal murderer? Where is there a hero in that person?

And when we go more deeply and see our own capacities for maliciousness and hatred, we’re forced to question whether we possibly can have any heroic stuff in ourselves? I might get myself not to judge the stupid killer, but I can’t let go of my own mayhem inside. I can’t buy that I can be a hero.

Good. Keep that thought, because the arrogance of the self-satisfied hero creates barriers to opening the Stillness of the Light. I don’t want us to think of ourselves as heroes but merely to act every second as though this might be true.

I want us to take on the dark forces of our anger by being kind as much as is spontaneously possible, forgiving when it seems impossible, in thinking tenderly and compassionately about every person whom we see in our eye and mind.

That can become easy when thinking of JFK, or MLK, but what about their cold-blooded killers?…

Putting that difficult thought aside for a second, I want to remind ourselves that our most heroic act usually isn’t in giving our life for someone else (we seldom get that chance), but in saving ourselves. In walking bravely into the breach of our own pain and choosing love, in preferring Jupiterean paths of expansion, and trine aspects of harmony. When we do that we can look at the cold-blooded killer with different hearts. Then we become heroic.

The ever present aspect of our animal side may haunt us to the end, but the saint has his past and the sinner his future. There’s definitely hope (often found incidentally where the Asteroid, Pandora, sits in your chart..

The real heroism requires the bravery, dedication, love, purity, and, resilience to cross the inner threshold of the limitations of Saturn to the out-of-body Realms to accelerate our Divine Journey to the Spiritual Planes.

#17. If I’m My Own Mythic Hero, Why Don’t I Feel or Act Heroic?

#17. If I’m My Own Mythic Hero, Why Don’t I Feel or Act Heroic?

Of our Hero within, both Campbell and major historian Arnold Toynbee speak of our Soul “in coun­teraction to those other constant human fantasies that tend to tie it back” cries out in anguish at some point along the way like Dante for a hero to come and give battle to our “nursery demons and break through to the undistorted, direct experience and assimilation of what C. G. Jung has called “the archetypal images.”

This battle may be with our inner Mother or Father; it may take the form of our Anima (our wife), or Animus (boyfriend) who have assumed roles that we can’t stand because we’ve disowned those parts of ourselves; but the battle is always with ourselves, and each of us has to assume the hero role to wield the sword.

When I align my self-image to take responsibility for my situation and blockages, then I start my journey consciously and in deadly earnest.

Although I’ve waited for myself I must draw on Help (prayer, mythology, astrology) which often comes in forms like the Wise Old Man, the Wise Crone, or even a Child (though the first two generally appear in a persistent manner somewhat like “Socrates” in Dan Millman’s The Peaceful Warrior.) These Archetypes may manifest (one could say are sent by God) as a passing stranger at a bus stop, a taxi driver, a figure in a dream, my therapist, the eight-year old girl next store. My job is to pay attention—and avoid resisting which listens to the mind’s thoughts and feelings.

The point is that I must be born anew. I have to kill the Gorgon. I have to actualize the positive aspects of my solar and planetary energies to replace or minimize the negative aspects. The goal is to rise beyond the body to see the Reality of who we are and Who our Source is.

Anything else than this Work is playing in the Sandbox or just surviving.

When do you feel heroic? Probably never. The ego wants to feel heroic and proud. The awakening Soul has too much humility from the recognition of how things are and how blind it has been.

“The hero, therefore, is the man or woman who has been able to battle past his [or her] personal and local historical limitations” [Campbell].

Throughout all this and other Soulutions, Astrology plays a vital role in guiding and working with your mythic self-images and Archetypes, capable of in Dialogue identifying blockages, strengths, Archetypes, mythologies, paths of response. . . .

#16. The Incurable Wound that Can Lead to Wisdom and Spiritual Liberation

“It has always been the prime function of mythology and rite to supply the symbols that carry the human spirit forward, in coun­teraction to those other constant human fantasies that tend to tie it back,” says Joseph Campbell in talking about the hero (with a thousand faces). Apparently, there is something in these initiatory [mythic] images so necessary to the psyche that if they are not supplied from without, through myth and ritual, they will have to be announced again, through dream, from within—lest our energies should remain locked in a banal, long-outmoded toy­room, at the bottom of the sea.”

Hence my question in an earlier Blog: Are you fulfilling your life’s intentions? Just surviving? Just playing?Sagittarius

Another way of asking this question when trying to assess your growth and Spiritual Path is What mythic story am I living in?

The celebrated painter, Johfra, painted a famous series of the 12 great Astrological Signs. Johfra’s mythic Sagittarius uses the Centaur (perhaps Chiron) to symbolize the Archetype of wisdom, strength, and spirituality. While Jupiter of course has these qualities, Sagittarius is an archer, and Chiron fits all the criteria (though not discovered until 1977, three years after the painting).

Sagittarians work hard and play hard too, especially at sports—until they get caught up with a study or philosophy that captures them, but they seldom just survive. They’re usually shooting for some goal.

Are you Sagittarian? I don’t mean necessarily your Sun sign. Do you have Moon, Mars, Uranus, or an Asteroid there? You may be more Sajj than you think.

And where is your Chiron? The Greeks prized Chiron; this mythic half-horse being symbolizes the half-animal, half-divine hero who is so wise that he teaches the sciences and arts to the gods and heroes. However, after a life of kindness and help to all, he receives an incurable wound from a poisonous arrow sue to no fault of his. Being half-immortal as the son of the great original deity Kronos (time), he begs for release from his torment, so Zeus permits Prometheus, another benefactor to humanity, to trade and have immortality while Chiron greets the welcome Afterlife of the Unconscious.

What’s your Chironic wound that doesn’t heal, perhaps your core wound from childhood and pastlives? What House, Sign and aspects describe your Chiron? What can you do to transcend it?

#6. Using Star-based Astrology for a Marriage or a Death

So far we’ve seen the Star Report and Summary used to describe the Unconscious essence of Natal Planets in a person’s life chart.  In addition the Stars can clarify an event. 

At 6:01 pm on 4/4/68 in Memphis at the Lorraine Motel Dr. Martin Luther King was murdered.  It has been common knowledge among Astrological Star-watchers for thousands of years that the Star ALGOL is the Most evil star in heavens” (V.E. Robson).  So it comes as no surprise that ALGOL would be present as Dr. King was martyred.   

In fact it was Rising (coming over the eastern horizon) for the event’s Sun in the 9th House of acting for spiritual purposes at a distance from his home.  And ALGOL was at the Beginnings of this ominous event for him also Rising at this moment when the Moon was at the Nadir (known in Astrology as corresponding with the ending of one’s life)! 

The immediate meaning for his Moon is in Brady’s program, “Plagued by personal tragedies, one’s own, or other people’s.”  The meaning for the Sun with ALGOL is “Passion that can inspire or destroy.” Now obviously an astrologer (unless acting on psychic information) couldn’t have known to draw a chart for 6:01 pm for the future of that upcoming day in order to warn Dr. King.  I’m just giving an example of the intricacies of Star-based work; and that’s before tying it closely to the Planets! 

However, it could be used to understand details of a myriad of events in the past, or analyze the excellence of a moment in the future—like a marriage, a proposed merger, an operation, a presentation, etc. 

Notice that this could help a Dialogue to grasp the nature of the Unconscious Collective that required the death of this great spiritual man.


For your own Star Report, note the Sidebar for information, and eMail me at  While taking advantage of this Christmas Special, make plans for an in-depth Dialogue with the Natal, Update, and/or Stars by-phone or in-person. 

#5. ML King’s Unconscious and His Death: Star Enhancement

The Stars reveal the Soul’s commission.  This revelation generally reinforces what the Planets say in aspect (Astrology loosely calls the Sun and Moon “Planets”; but frequently the Star Summary and Star Report uncover deeper info.  The Unconscious speaks to us more clearly. 

We’ve seen MLK’s bold in ALTAIR-Sun, and that Sun is square to his Jupiter, certainly a signature of boldness and challenge to perhaps recklessness.  This occurs when the Star & Sun are Culminating which in Star-based Astrology tells us of an event in King’s Prime Years.  He was 39 when he was killed.  The Stars clue us in about the times of events or changes. 

More specifically we notices in his Natal chart his Mars challenged by Saturn in an opposition.  The Mars is in Gemini (Gemini his strong oratory power) in his 2nd House (indicating possible issues with self-esteem, especially when square to his Moon as a part of a T-square with Saturn).  How’s was he going to handle this? 

The Star Summary shows the Star El Nath Culminating as Mars also is Culminating.  Brady again brilliantly (from research, the ancients, and personal observation) offers this:

          To take physical action even in the face of strong opposition

This tells that that an event or change is likely to occur to King in his Prime Years in connection with his Mars that has chutzpah.  EL NATH indicates the energy to challenge the Shadow power of Saturn (also 8th House), to stand up to the Devil so to speak in this instance. 

EL NATH shows that MLK’s Mars has guts, and he’ll speak despite danger—the Horn of the Bull. 


eMail me at to discover what your Fixed Stars (as they’re called in Astrology) show about your Natal chart.  This Report may also be done for a specific event. 

One thing sweet about Fixed Stars is that they are so far away that we don’t have to have the birth time, though it is definitely better.  (Then we’re able to be accurate about the Moon and Mercury as well as be able to do the 4 “corners” of the Chart, the Angles.) 

A great gift would be to get one of these for a family member or friend (+ one FREE), then have me schedule an in-person or on-phone appointment to dialogue about the Spiritual Integration with his or her planets in the Natal chart.