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#48. Small is beautiful –What Minor Planets do You include?

48. Small is beautiful –What Minor Planets do You include?

Our society seems to appreciate what’s biggest, strongest, quickest—splattering the internet and newspapers with the 10 biggest Hollywood breasts, the 13 worst foods, the 5 acceptable Dwarf Planets, or the latest 19 into some Hall of Fame.

I don’t mean to belittle excellence. I quite admire achievers myself.  But when it to comes to choosing a model because she’s taller, or a Hollywood star because she’s big busted, or which energy to accept into your Hall of Minor Planets, I draw the line.

Remember the phrase “Small is beautiful”? Wiki tells us, “It is often used to champion small, appropriate technologies that are believed to empower people more, in contrast with phrases such as ‘bigger is better.’”


These drawings of the Minor Planet, IO, which is about 180 km on its long side, show that most of the Minor Planets are not round, and come nowhere close to Pluto’s size which is 2,322 km in comparison to the Earth’s which is a whopping 12,756 km.

Yet before the person with the ruler says I told you so, the Earth is only 1/11 to 1/12 the diameter of Jupiter at 142,984 km.  That’s getting close to the ratio of Io to Pluto.

The Earth with its friendliness to humans is where we would like to live. In fact we couldn’t live on Jupiter. We much more value the Earth over the larger Jupiter. Certainly in this case, small is more beautiful.

No doubt you’re getting my point.  In a quantum universe, space and time are negligible. The distance of a star still has a Here-and-now quality to it, especially in the Unconscious worlds of the mind and the inner dimensions where Io’s frequencies are   transferred to human consciousness in terms of thoughts, feelings, and events as Astrology shows us in constant Illustration.

The universe’s foundation is Spiritual, and with human eyes pretty much unseen. The frequencies of infrared and ultraviolet rays require us to use machines to detect them. In fact we need telescopes to see Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the Dwarf Planets, and the Minor Planets (unless we use inner vision and leave the body in what is called Astral travel).

So let’s not play down the tiny space bodies that are small like the Apollo near Earth objects that are only near 1 km in size, because the dimension of Consciousness In the spirit world is only a point, and yet it contains the entire universe, much like the matter (about the size of a basketball, scientists say) that existed before the big bang. Much like a hologram.

I encourage you to pay attention to these Minor Planets because the small energies just might empower you.


#47. What Do You DO with Mythology?

47. What Do You DO with Mythology?

The question about whether to study Mythology has been with us ever since early Greek times when Xenophanes in the late sixth century BCE. and hundreds of years later Socrates and Plato articulate criticism of the amorality of the Olympian gods.

image  Symbol for Heracles

Yet Myths (like today’s literature and film) inform people how one might think and live.  In Norse Mythology Loke behaves abysmally, showing us that we don’t have to.  That’s my point. One thing that Myth offers us is a clue towards responsible behavior.  We see another perspective and the outcome of error.  The characters are literal and symbolic.  We see the foolishness, stupidity, and mistakes of people … and hopefully cop to the roots of those same mistakes in ourselves.

Yes, “we still act exactly as – or even worse – than the people in the myths” (see Why Bother with Greek Mythology? ).  Yet while this is highly important for our study of Mythology, there are many more important reasons to pay attention closely to these great mythic stories of humanity in crisis.

Highly selfish and vicious Ixion punished forever
on an endless spinning wheel.

Most of these tales are more important in some ways then more recent literature because they rose from the collective unconscious, that is, from the rich archetypal symbols and experiences that have roots throughout all cultures. They are global in describing humanity’s follies.

In looking for human growth and spiritual increase, the stories are center stage for us to know the workings of our subtle minds and unconscious behaviors – or at least the rudiments of them. Knowing what’s really going on in our psyches is the entrance way to spiritual growth. Taking responsibility for what goes on in our breast – and not projecting it out onto criticism of others – is another requirement for that spiritual growth.

And still, there is an even more important reason for us in the 21st century to take up the earnest study of these archetypes and moral situations – namely that they are reborn and demonstrated in our recently discovered Minor Planets, and now fit in with our ancient Major Planets to help guide the way both to our Spiritual Path, and to our existential choices in our mundane daily lives.

My work here is to help us all to recognize the guidance for our path for self-improvement, and our Path for Spirit, whether it be Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Wiccan, self-created, guru-inspired, and so on.  That’s what the Academy is about:

Website Astrology School       Astropath Quantum Astrology Academy

Summary of Some Contributions of Mythology.

1.   Models and mirrors of ourselves.

2.   Rich archetypal symbols of ourselves and situations.

3.   Delivery of global collective unconscious truths of humanity and ourselves.

4.  Identification of what’s really going on in our psyches and feelings.

5.  Intimate connection and correspondence between the myth, the Minor Planet, and ourselves.

#46. Will the Real Virgo-Type Stand Up, please.

46. Will the Real Virgo-Type Stand Up, please.

I like to think of Astrology and the Wheel as a series of continuums that sometimes are cycles and sometimes are ladders between Signs and Houses.

In thinking this way, there is no actual Virgo or Pisces but instead a point on the continuum between the two, and it fluctuates (moving more towards Virgo, or more towards Pisces) in tune with I thoughts, words, and deeds.

Both deal with virginity and indulgence, for example.  A person locates on the continuum at times in her/his life and indulges in sex or abstains,perhaps like a Vestal Virgin in a temple, who used sexuality as a means for spiritual advancement as in Tantra.  (So a Hestia-type person could actually still retain one’s spiritual virginity.)

Virgo and Pisces also deal with service, from personal to communal.  Both deal with work too, so a person might have the extreme and negative sort of work that’s picky and critical, on over to benign and altruistic of Pisces’ positive, to Pisces’ negative of spaced out laziness and avoidance, maybe preferring to be toked up.

I have Pisces rising but with the ruler Neptune in Virgo, so I really taste both the extremes and vacillations—and sometimes many points in between.

This understanding is one reason why generic nomenclature or  pigeonholing doesn’t work.  There are as many Virgo-types as there are Virgo Suns, Ascendants, Moons, and rulers.

Nothing new here… .  It’s just approaching the Wheel in terms of Six Pairs.

Website Astrology School       Astropath Quantum Astrology Academy

#45. Glossary of Asteroids and Planets Open to Public Viewing

45. Glossary of Asteroids and Planets Open to Public Viewing

Post 45 Top Image

This slice of Data is located in the C’s of the front-page Glossary at, the new Astrology School.
Students and general public can access this space body information, along with Keywords, Affinities to similar other solar system Planets, and often pertinent myth and research info, depending on the energy.
The yellow section above are the headings found for each body, showing Symbol, Abbreviation, Gender, and Catalog #, which you will need if you have to put it in a chart at Chariklo (Kar-ee-kloh) is in a class of Centaurs (Ken-tars). The violet-colored number refer to the AU (Astronomical Unit, which is the distance from Earth to the Sun). The smaller the AU, the closer to us is the Planet.
Another factor that tells us how fast the body might be traveling is the Orbit per Earth Year around the Sun. 63.2 is average for Kentaurs, which usually go from Saturn’s orbit out past Uranus or even Neptune. In comparison, Mars take about 2 Earth years to orbit the Sun and us.
Chariklo is the largest Kentaur, wife to Chiron, mother to Okyrhoe (O-keer-o-wa). Both mother and daughter are seers, an important clue to interpretation of them in your chart.
The site then suggests Keywords, Affinities to other planets, myth info (though most of that will show on another glossary), and Research collations—people who have the energy prominently.
Major work in progress! There are 50 A’s alone… and I’m only in the C’s here in August, ‘14.
Note these two C’s that follow. Child has no Gender—till it refers to a little person or adult in a chart. Charybdis is an inner monster that needs some love, but the astronomers haven’t published its diameter yet.

Post 45 Bottom Image

#35. Astrology in You–Do You Know What It Is? Part 2

Amusingly, some materially oriented critics see all of Astrology as hocus-pocus, thinking that all experience comes from chemicals in the brain, or that only what you see is what you get (no Inner Planes).  Others imagine that some celestial body tens of thousands of miles or light years away can’t affect us, not knowing that Jupiter, e.g., has more gravitational impact on us than a person 3 feet away!  These people don’t have any real experience with Astrology, and/or they are rather young on the spiritual path.  I don’t pay any attention.

A major approach is Medical.  Some people see and use Astrology only for health and remedies.  Tomes written on the subject.  ‘Course you always have to deal with the ADA and AMA games and stupidities, but the capacity to work with a good healer is huge.  One beauty is of course timing-seeing when the illness or issue started, peaks, and may pass!  Healers and healing are strongly shown in charts.

Many Astrologers and hopeful clients come to Astrology as a tool for finding a Vocation, or maybe a direction in life-often called in the East your Dharma (your path to Enlightenment).  Where should you put your next footstep?  And why should you choose that one? Astrology is famous for help of this kind.  With Midheaven for career, 2nd House for income, 6th House for work and service, and Asteroids like Industria (yes), we’re well endowed with support and insight.

Probably I’m the only one who thinks of this as an approach or what Astrology is about:  Actually growing from a Spiritual tack, Astrology is the identification and exposing of the Ego so that Spiritual steps may be taken to puncture it, or build it up for the task of transmutation to higher Chakra energies.  I like this one, but it’s hard.  No one wants to hear that her or his fond egoistic styles or pursuits or blamings are strictly bogus constructs the Ego uses to self-inflate.  Sigh.

Then there’s the viewpoint (usually New Age) that Astrology is outdated, doesn’t keep up with some Channels or visionary experiencesTo me, that’s like saying gravity is outdated.  Try jumping of a bridge.  The fact is that since we’re constituted of the same energies as the Planets and Stars, all our “updates” are included in the total energies.

An old view of Astrology is that those Astrologers who don’t use the “precession of the Equinoxes” are not in reality.  These people conform to the scientific fact of the Earth’s wobble and place the Sun nearly 30 degrees behind the tropical Astrologers.  This would sound persuasive-if you did NOT know how Astrology works.  Astrology is more a mapping of human consciousness than it is of the spatial heavens.  The Greeks took the wildly careen constellations and built a nice tidy Zodiac where a Sign (only corresponding to the constellation) was boxed up neatly in 30-degrees.  thus we’re into what Astrology really is . . . symbolic!  We find the accurate progressed Moon moving a symbolic year for each actual day in the ephemeris (the astronomical listing of daily movements of celestial bodies).  Shouldn’t show or mean a thing.  But it does!  and it has for at least 5,000 years, quite accurately.  BTW, that’s why I’m not a “Cusp” Astrologer.  If your birth-time is correct, your Sun is either in one Sign or the following one.

Mustn’t forget Mundane Astrology. Tons of Astrologers see Astrology’s sole purpose that of  dealing with the effects of the energies upon the world in general-politics, countries, rise and fall of Presidents, war, and the like.  Don’t come to me for that.  I just found out Oregon’s US Senator in my state of Oregon was defeated.  I don’t even have TV.  Yet it’s a good pursuit, one that Astrology was only used for back in the days of Babylonia.

I could go on like this for hours . . . but we still wouldn’t see the Big Picture of what Astrology is; we’d only see through a keyhole, through a glass darkly-because Astrology is like all the bodies of space, their gravitations, and electromagnetic influences.  Shucks, we don’t even know what matter is, or fire, or the 4 Forces are.  That’s Astrology’s job-to offer some links to the Beyond and to ourselves-the Macrocosm and the microcosm, which is you and I at this point of our realizations.  Does anybody know what Astrology is and does for you?  Not really.  It’s too big.  I’ve been a professional studying it for 33 years, and it grows bigger to my mind every day; I doubt I’ll ever catch up.

#34. Astrology in You–Do You Know What It Is?

Does anybody know what Astrology is and does for you?  I don’t think so.

Some get that it changes your life. Just this week when I had another Taurus in my face about another wrangle, I went to my chart to address this energy force in my life.  Voila!  Taurus is the 12th House of my volatile Gemini Moon which gets emotionally charged in my communication.  The 12th H energies for me here raise up hidden unconscious trouble in myself about not letting go (Taurus) of challenging, confrontive ideas (Taurus & Gemini Moon blended).  I instantly got to take responsibility for the Taurean patterns in a concrete was.  This showed me that the problem wasn’t the slow-on-the-uptake Taurean confrontations, but my denial of my Taurean response to argument.  Big stuff for my Ego to get.  Life changing!

Some people (who imagine they know what Astrology is) get Astrology’s ability to follow the actualization/fulfillment of the necessary energies in your life. Way important!  And it does this with timing!  Everyone knows that only Astrology can mark off when events occur past, present, future within a range or even to the day.

Others get Astrology’s power to reveal how the energies of two people interact, showing what the nature of the relationship will be as it unfolds.  Quite significant to know when wanting to improve or fix the dynamics-to learn how to heal the emotional and psychological exchanges.

I’m excited about another viewpoint of Astrology–the spiritual offerings which range from profiling what your Spiritual profile could look like with your attention, to where you might place that Spiritual attention and intention, to how you might actualize your spiritual energies in your life.  This also includes the higher octaves, e.g., the energies of Moon’s emotion upleveled to Venus’s feelings and mundane love, then upleveled to Asteroids like Ceres nurture, then to Neptune’s spiritual Love.

A very few people think that the new Astrology is about the colossal new energies of some of the 15,000 Asteroids that have been recently discovered and named.  The specific definitions of events, profiles, and answers to life’s questions is profound when the Asteroids are placed on the chart.  What a wealth of info and direction!

A wise amount of people for over 5,000 years have approached Astrology for guidance in any area of their lives, using it like an oracle or psychic.  Smart move, because the maps are so clear and helpful.  You can even keep asking the same question and go more deeply into your Unconscious for the richer answer!  I in fact use tools like Astrology dice and Astro-cards to indicate answers for most sorts of well phrase questions.  This branch of Astrology is called Horary, and some people only use it for the purpose of getting such information.

A great many Western persons think Astrology is to consult for their profiles.  “Oh, I know my signs,” these people say; “I’ve had my chart done.”  Not really.  These persons think  Astrology is a pulling of a tooth that now all over.  “Been there.  Done that.”  This was a good start, but if you are serious about guiding yourself  physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, you need to keep up your pursuit with a good Astrologer Or learn some important basics to also watch your own potential and development.

Since the impact of Dane Rudhyar and Liz Greene, most Astrologers attempt to approach Astrology psychologically, rather than predicting dire or great events in your future.  Astrology’s ability to define a person’s profile lends it well to recognizing emotions and thoughts on behavior. Liz Greene specified this to the other phenomenal influence on the skill, the great psychologist Carl Jung, who applied Depth Psychology and brought in the Archetype concept to the planetary energiesSome practitioners don’t even knoew there are other ways to view the Astrological model.

Quite different from Jungian Astrology is Evolutionary Astrology generated by Jeffrey Wolf Green which emphasizes Pluto, the Nodes, Soul purpose, and Sex to determine how you’re moving on your Spiritual Path. One sticky part of this is ascertaining what one of the three stages you are in on your Spiritual trek, as judged by the Astrologer.  Hmmm, I keep that to myself, thank you very much.  Quite a can of worms.  However, many Evolutionary Astrologers don’t much countenance the other approaches which are viewed as trivial.

I’ll continue this in Part 2 in the next Blog, for you can see that the approaches to Astrology and what Astrology really is appear to be huge–far beyond most persons’ estimate.  Some topics will be Vocation and Medical.

#33. New Spiritual Avenues (on 2nd Life!)


So does this image evoke fantasies of divine experience?  It’s supposed to.  You and your teacher sitting in a great temple, wandering n the heights of spiritual blisss on Inner Planes.  2nd Life has thousands of places, groups, and light devices designed to facilitate your spiritual growth.

2nd Life has thousands of places, devices, and venues devoted to enhancing the Spiritual Path in you as you utilize this Quantum Virtual World to stimulate first your imagination, and then your Soul to scale greater Heights.


Here I am in my 3rd-Eye Meditation with the radiance of the 6th Chakra pulsating out as my head takes on greater sensitivity, and my mind begins to allow my Consciousness to take over.

The more receptive you are to Quantum energies, the more experience of the Divine can be available.

Meanwhile, you can go to places of learning like Mystic Academy to study Reiki, Buddhism, Advaita, Astrology (I teach three classes), Quaker Friends,… actually you name it, it might be there.

Go to, download the software, pick your Avatar, and plunge in.  (I hope your puter is up to it.)   🙂