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#6. Using Star-based Astrology for a Marriage or a Death

So far we’ve seen the Star Report and Summary used to describe the Unconscious essence of Natal Planets in a person’s life chart.  In addition the Stars can clarify an event. 

At 6:01 pm on 4/4/68 in Memphis at the Lorraine Motel Dr. Martin Luther King was murdered.  It has been common knowledge among Astrological Star-watchers for thousands of years that the Star ALGOL is the Most evil star in heavens” (V.E. Robson).  So it comes as no surprise that ALGOL would be present as Dr. King was martyred.   

In fact it was Rising (coming over the eastern horizon) for the event’s Sun in the 9th House of acting for spiritual purposes at a distance from his home.  And ALGOL was at the Beginnings of this ominous event for him also Rising at this moment when the Moon was at the Nadir (known in Astrology as corresponding with the ending of one’s life)! 

The immediate meaning for his Moon is in Brady’s program, “Plagued by personal tragedies, one’s own, or other people’s.”  The meaning for the Sun with ALGOL is “Passion that can inspire or destroy.” Now obviously an astrologer (unless acting on psychic information) couldn’t have known to draw a chart for 6:01 pm for the future of that upcoming day in order to warn Dr. King.  I’m just giving an example of the intricacies of Star-based work; and that’s before tying it closely to the Planets! 

However, it could be used to understand details of a myriad of events in the past, or analyze the excellence of a moment in the future—like a marriage, a proposed merger, an operation, a presentation, etc. 

Notice that this could help a Dialogue to grasp the nature of the Unconscious Collective that required the death of this great spiritual man.


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#5. ML King’s Unconscious and His Death: Star Enhancement

The Stars reveal the Soul’s commission.  This revelation generally reinforces what the Planets say in aspect (Astrology loosely calls the Sun and Moon “Planets”; but frequently the Star Summary and Star Report uncover deeper info.  The Unconscious speaks to us more clearly. 

We’ve seen MLK’s bold in ALTAIR-Sun, and that Sun is square to his Jupiter, certainly a signature of boldness and challenge to perhaps recklessness.  This occurs when the Star & Sun are Culminating which in Star-based Astrology tells us of an event in King’s Prime Years.  He was 39 when he was killed.  The Stars clue us in about the times of events or changes. 

More specifically we notices in his Natal chart his Mars challenged by Saturn in an opposition.  The Mars is in Gemini (Gemini his strong oratory power) in his 2nd House (indicating possible issues with self-esteem, especially when square to his Moon as a part of a T-square with Saturn).  How’s was he going to handle this? 

The Star Summary shows the Star El Nath Culminating as Mars also is Culminating.  Brady again brilliantly (from research, the ancients, and personal observation) offers this:

          To take physical action even in the face of strong opposition

This tells that that an event or change is likely to occur to King in his Prime Years in connection with his Mars that has chutzpah.  EL NATH indicates the energy to challenge the Shadow power of Saturn (also 8th House), to stand up to the Devil so to speak in this instance. 

EL NATH shows that MLK’s Mars has guts, and he’ll speak despite danger—the Horn of the Bull. 


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#4. STAR REPORTS–How do you Benefit from them?

As said in the last Post, Right Astrology is looking at your spiritual picture; and to do that best, we need to access your Unconscious. The planets from Sun to Saturn deal with a person mostly on the outer level (personal and social) and dip into the Subconscious.

But we want the deep Unconscious, even more penetrating than Neptune and Pluto. That’s where the Stars come in.

STAR SUMMARIES list the Stars that were in some sort of “parallel” (properly called a Paran) to a planet. The Star ALTAIR may’ve been rising at the horizon precisely as Jupiter was rising—or maybe setting. The power of the 4 points (Rising, Culminating, Setting, & the Nadir bottom of the Wheel’s Cross) is enormous in our lives. A STAR SUMMARY cites the Star & gives a one-line probable meaning for your moment of birth tied to the Planet in Paran.

STAR REPORTS introduce the Stars and offer a greater latitude of meaning in a paragraph or two.

For example Martin Luther King has the Star ALTAIR Culminating at the top of his Chart’s Wheel at the Midheaven in Paran with his Sun as it is also Culminating. One description for this Paran is “A bold and determined individual” (as given by Bernadette Brady). Who was more bold and determined than the reverend Dr. King? Yet for his own spiritual growth, we may also be bold enough to suggest that his Soul had these energies as his commission to take on the tasks he undertook.

Here’s an example of what a Star Report entry might look like for MLK’s ALTAIR and Sun (a la Brady):

Altair Culminating – The Eagle, with Sun Culminating in Prime Years

A bold and determined individual

With Altair in paran with your Sun you are filled with the boldness of the eagle. You define yourself as quick to act, quick to become motivated or angry, and keen to run your life in an independent manner. If Altair was active in your youth then you would have seen your father-figure as a brave person willing to take risks and seek his own goals. This father-figure may also have had a military background or a military mind. If, however, Altair is active in your adult years, then you define yourself in this manner, or seek to be associated with those who are brave and risk-taking, physically or mentally.