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#44. Hekate, Ceres and Reminders of a Quantum Megaverse.

Triple goddess, Hekate


In sharing with you my focus on the new planets, I’m drawn to the powerful energy of Hekate now.  In this blog I’m showing the use of these magnificent asteroids in our daily lives by revealing to you in my own chart their workings and twistings.

I have in Hekate my Natal 12th House in Pisces.  This suggests for me that many driving urges to help people aspire to their highest potential and spiritual path is often, or even generally, hidden from me, and I get very frustrated and sometimes lost in the pursuit.  I become bogged down in my sensitive concerns, and feel near lunacy as I reach to bring order and spiritual direction to my moment. Very 12th House, and very Hekate.

That’s the Natal background a bit, which we must always use to really understand the current moment.  Someone in an insane asylum or a monastery with Hekate in the 12th House will have a very different background that’s involved—Sign and aspects.  She has different emphases and colors in your Sign and House.

Right now (May 20, 2014) and since January, Hekate and Ceres have been traveling together at the same speed, both forward and backward, and are joined at 19° Libra, still retrograde in my 8th House.

What’s that about?  I’m getting nurturance from, or nurturing (probably both of these) some Hecate topics in myself that probably have deep, perhaps penetrating (8th House), effects on my psyche and emotions.

We look at Natal and current positions for Hekate and aspects to get the picture.  You’re reading my current topics of concern and focus right now in my attempt to share the use of Asteroids in the new Astrology.  My Natal positions for these two bodies are getting some development and fulfillment right now.  I’m expanding people’s awareness of Hecate’s spiritual and upleveling energies that move from the Natal to the current transit experiences.

To be more specific:  Hecate helps us to see our own demons so that we can choose to rise beyond them.  My demon here is procrastination – perhaps even fear of getting down and doing the work.  I’m writing the blog and sharing my experiences.  Hecate can lead to light if I am willing to walk along.  The presence of Ceres emphasizes support for this particular journey.  I feel comforted.

Additionally, while the pair backed up, they crossed over the North Node in the sky.  That same North Node is at this time sitting upon my Natal North Node!  I call that endorsement from the universe because the North Node is traditionally where one is heading for the big journey.  And towards the end of July 2 asteroids, benignly working in my chart, in my being, from their space positions Will again go forward and across my Natal North Node for the last time for the next four years or so.

The upshot of all this is that my project of delineating meanings for nearly 300 asteroid bodies is indeed fostering my spiritual development and my current purpose in life.  Cosmic endorsement! – especially for my Astrology School:

btw:  Wonderful commentary on Hekate by Leah Whitehorse at


#39. Steve Tuffill – Google+ – Tetrad Moons

Steve Tuffil: Tetrad Moons: Think Carefully My Friends!

Blood Moon

Events from a Cardinal Aries-Libra Blood Red Full Moon Eclipse may definitely be mental experiences—perhaps profound insights or awakenings.  Not required to be physical happenings.

AND as this link emphasizes, Last night at the Mn-Sn conjunction—and during this month—you can experience your Spirit guiding you, speaking to you.  The Christ and the Buddha whispering to your mind Truths for your life now as guidance as you Unfold.

#37. Mandalas of Astrology and of You

Da'atYesterday’s post featured Kim Falconer referring to the Astrology as a Mandala.  This one illustrates the 12 pointed character of the Astrological Mandala.

   We don’t have power over the position of the planets, but we do have some choice in the emotional effects that we choose to experience and to prepare for future ones by developing our balance and call home – that is, centeredness.

    By doing so we are creating a spiritual Mandala on our psychic levels. In this blog we will constantly be illustrating how this might be because that’s what the purpose of Astrology actually is—strategies for upleveling.

    And we’re getting a beautiful opportunity during this series of Blood Red Moons and powerful eclipses.

#36. Asteroid Astrology – an Introduction

Asteroid Astrology – an IntroductionKim Falconer does a little thematic prez of a few Asteroids and their astronomy. This gives a nice perspective on our AQAA focus to whet your whistle and add to http://QuantumAstrologyAcademy our Astrology School.

#17. If I’m My Own Mythic Hero, Why Don’t I Feel or Act Heroic?

#17. If I’m My Own Mythic Hero, Why Don’t I Feel or Act Heroic?

Of our Hero within, both Campbell and major historian Arnold Toynbee speak of our Soul “in coun­teraction to those other constant human fantasies that tend to tie it back” cries out in anguish at some point along the way like Dante for a hero to come and give battle to our “nursery demons and break through to the undistorted, direct experience and assimilation of what C. G. Jung has called “the archetypal images.”

This battle may be with our inner Mother or Father; it may take the form of our Anima (our wife), or Animus (boyfriend) who have assumed roles that we can’t stand because we’ve disowned those parts of ourselves; but the battle is always with ourselves, and each of us has to assume the hero role to wield the sword.

When I align my self-image to take responsibility for my situation and blockages, then I start my journey consciously and in deadly earnest.

Although I’ve waited for myself I must draw on Help (prayer, mythology, astrology) which often comes in forms like the Wise Old Man, the Wise Crone, or even a Child (though the first two generally appear in a persistent manner somewhat like “Socrates” in Dan Millman’s The Peaceful Warrior.) These Archetypes may manifest (one could say are sent by God) as a passing stranger at a bus stop, a taxi driver, a figure in a dream, my therapist, the eight-year old girl next store. My job is to pay attention—and avoid resisting which listens to the mind’s thoughts and feelings.

The point is that I must be born anew. I have to kill the Gorgon. I have to actualize the positive aspects of my solar and planetary energies to replace or minimize the negative aspects. The goal is to rise beyond the body to see the Reality of who we are and Who our Source is.

Anything else than this Work is playing in the Sandbox or just surviving.

When do you feel heroic? Probably never. The ego wants to feel heroic and proud. The awakening Soul has too much humility from the recognition of how things are and how blind it has been.

“The hero, therefore, is the man or woman who has been able to battle past his [or her] personal and local historical limitations” [Campbell].

Throughout all this and other Soulutions, Astrology plays a vital role in guiding and working with your mythic self-images and Archetypes, capable of in Dialogue identifying blockages, strengths, Archetypes, mythologies, paths of response. . . .

#16. The Incurable Wound that Can Lead to Wisdom and Spiritual Liberation

“It has always been the prime function of mythology and rite to supply the symbols that carry the human spirit forward, in coun­teraction to those other constant human fantasies that tend to tie it back,” says Joseph Campbell in talking about the hero (with a thousand faces). Apparently, there is something in these initiatory [mythic] images so necessary to the psyche that if they are not supplied from without, through myth and ritual, they will have to be announced again, through dream, from within—lest our energies should remain locked in a banal, long-outmoded toy­room, at the bottom of the sea.”

Hence my question in an earlier Blog: Are you fulfilling your life’s intentions? Just surviving? Just playing?Sagittarius

Another way of asking this question when trying to assess your growth and Spiritual Path is What mythic story am I living in?

The celebrated painter, Johfra, painted a famous series of the 12 great Astrological Signs. Johfra’s mythic Sagittarius uses the Centaur (perhaps Chiron) to symbolize the Archetype of wisdom, strength, and spirituality. While Jupiter of course has these qualities, Sagittarius is an archer, and Chiron fits all the criteria (though not discovered until 1977, three years after the painting).

Sagittarians work hard and play hard too, especially at sports—until they get caught up with a study or philosophy that captures them, but they seldom just survive. They’re usually shooting for some goal.

Are you Sagittarian? I don’t mean necessarily your Sun sign. Do you have Moon, Mars, Uranus, or an Asteroid there? You may be more Sajj than you think.

And where is your Chiron? The Greeks prized Chiron; this mythic half-horse being symbolizes the half-animal, half-divine hero who is so wise that he teaches the sciences and arts to the gods and heroes. However, after a life of kindness and help to all, he receives an incurable wound from a poisonous arrow sue to no fault of his. Being half-immortal as the son of the great original deity Kronos (time), he begs for release from his torment, so Zeus permits Prometheus, another benefactor to humanity, to trade and have immortality while Chiron greets the welcome Afterlife of the Unconscious.

What’s your Chironic wound that doesn’t heal, perhaps your core wound from childhood and pastlives? What House, Sign and aspects describe your Chiron? What can you do to transcend it?

#10. The Sacred Arts of Astrology

Astrology is sacred, and it represents a combination of many arts. Sacredness has to do with worthiness of respect; a spiritual practice for the Soul. I am reverent about Astrology because it shows me doors that grow me into the Beyond. It takes my ego to who I really am as Soul.

Actually I don’t have a Soul. . . . I am a Soul masquerading as an ego believing I’m a mind and body.

Astrology is a tool composed of many arts that give guidance—rather like answered Prayer, the main gift from the Spirit. When I want to understand why I fell off the roof and broke my hip, I get accurate detailed explanation in my Astrology chart (transits) that give me direction and growth if I choose to honor the Answers.

Astrology doesn’t exclude God; it makes a telephone call or text message to Her/Him.

The Art is understanding the reply. Spirit speaks to us in the language of symbols, maybe images like a dream, or events in waking life. Astrology is made up symbols, and when we have relationship to these, we have keys to hearing Spirit’s voices.

Opening in Field