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#44. Hekate, Ceres and Reminders of a Quantum Megaverse.

Triple goddess, Hekate


In sharing with you my focus on the new planets, I’m drawn to the powerful energy of Hekate now.  In this blog I’m showing the use of these magnificent asteroids in our daily lives by revealing to you in my own chart their workings and twistings.

I have in Hekate my Natal 12th House in Pisces.  This suggests for me that many driving urges to help people aspire to their highest potential and spiritual path is often, or even generally, hidden from me, and I get very frustrated and sometimes lost in the pursuit.  I become bogged down in my sensitive concerns, and feel near lunacy as I reach to bring order and spiritual direction to my moment. Very 12th House, and very Hekate.

That’s the Natal background a bit, which we must always use to really understand the current moment.  Someone in an insane asylum or a monastery with Hekate in the 12th House will have a very different background that’s involved—Sign and aspects.  She has different emphases and colors in your Sign and House.

Right now (May 20, 2014) and since January, Hekate and Ceres have been traveling together at the same speed, both forward and backward, and are joined at 19° Libra, still retrograde in my 8th House.

What’s that about?  I’m getting nurturance from, or nurturing (probably both of these) some Hecate topics in myself that probably have deep, perhaps penetrating (8th House), effects on my psyche and emotions.

We look at Natal and current positions for Hekate and aspects to get the picture.  You’re reading my current topics of concern and focus right now in my attempt to share the use of Asteroids in the new Astrology.  My Natal positions for these two bodies are getting some development and fulfillment right now.  I’m expanding people’s awareness of Hecate’s spiritual and upleveling energies that move from the Natal to the current transit experiences.

To be more specific:  Hecate helps us to see our own demons so that we can choose to rise beyond them.  My demon here is procrastination – perhaps even fear of getting down and doing the work.  I’m writing the blog and sharing my experiences.  Hecate can lead to light if I am willing to walk along.  The presence of Ceres emphasizes support for this particular journey.  I feel comforted.

Additionally, while the pair backed up, they crossed over the North Node in the sky.  That same North Node is at this time sitting upon my Natal North Node!  I call that endorsement from the universe because the North Node is traditionally where one is heading for the big journey.  And towards the end of July 2 asteroids, benignly working in my chart, in my being, from their space positions Will again go forward and across my Natal North Node for the last time for the next four years or so.

The upshot of all this is that my project of delineating meanings for nearly 300 asteroid bodies is indeed fostering my spiritual development and my current purpose in life.  Cosmic endorsement! – especially for my Astrology School:

btw:  Wonderful commentary on Hekate by Leah Whitehorse at


#41. What’s Love got to do with it?

     For planet tightness around the 13-degree point, and Not having the Moon participate, the exact retrograde opposition of Mars to Uranus offers the strongest potential.  It’s the early hours of April 23rd that has Mundane Astrologers speaking of likely Russian troop movements in the Ukraine, but the op has the energy for a gillion other dynamic activities too, as well as plentiful mental ones (mental = Aries and Uranus Air).

     AND as we saw in the last Blog there are other energies, other very small planets involved.  These small bodies reveal and support what some Astrologers have been saying about the opportunity for Love being afforded by these larger planets which aren’t usually associated with the Grand feeling.


Instead of mayhem and destruction from the clashing of Mars and Uranus, love energies (Cancer Jupiter in upper right conjunct to Cyllarus, half of the famous love story of him and Hylonome) insinuate themselves through the strident muscle of Pluto, Uranus, and Mars.

In fact, though Hylonome is not present here, Tristan and Isolda are. Tris is the Viking-looking male next to Europa and Uranus in Aries, while Isolde, the other half of the star-crossed lovers, is within a degree of Mars, and opposite Tristan.


If we still approach Astrology viewing Planets and situations as malefics and “bad,” then Isolda opposition to Trstan, and joined with Mars would seem to make things uncomfortable for a love interp.  But then, it’s their love that has survived in many nations and for over a thousand years—not their difficulties.

Additionally, there are no malefics in Astropath quantum Astrology.  we subscribe to the ideas that evil is Good misunderstood.  A car crash can open up a new avenue of expression and creativity.  A deep love can ignite the world with awe and renewed  benign intentions.

Another point is that the monsters and the challenges of life are there for what reason??  Cruel God?  Messy Karma?  Mean Fate?  Lousy world?

Perhaps, but I hold with the view found in the Scriptures of the world and the Meditating Teachers that our Evolution requires us to flow with and even love what is—while keeping our hearts directed to our personal and collective human Ascension, whatever that may look like.

Okay, so we have Love pervading this Grand Cross—seen further with Europa—the backward Om sign between Tristan and Uranus.  She’s tied in with Taurus (she changed into a cow to escape amorous Zeus/Jupiter squaring her here).  That relationship didn’t seem to turn out so well (Minotaur, etc) but eventually it lead to another great love and transcendence in Ariadne and Dionysus, both asteroids too.  More “evil is good misunderstood.”

So if you look at squares and oppositions the way Uranian Astrologers do, just conjunctions on a 90-degree dial, you might join me in seeing some positive possibilities for this gargantuan April, 2014.

I’ll keep saying more in the next Blog

#3. So what’s the “right” way to know Astrology?

Of course there is no “right” way to know Astrology, since there are so many astrologies out there.  Yet still, in my humble opinion, the way most people know Astrology is wrongFundamentalist Christians think it’s from the Devil.  I laugh and tell them that Jesus loved Astrology.  That’s why he brought the 3 Magi to adore him.  They were Astrologers.  Actually the Rabbis and the ministers are hung up with the use of Astrology for prediction.  In a way I am too.Yes, Astrology can be and is used for predicting what can or will happen.  Clients ask me if they will have a romance coming up, or what does marriage look like for her with so-and-so?  Astrology is good at describing what those situations will look likeStill, I always want to tie those answers to the spiritual path and makeup of the personAstrology is a tool for growth.  Sometimes happiness is not the best avenue for growth.  Sometimes we have to bite the bullet for growth.  (Unfortunately we may have to chew on that bullet quite a bit.)  The point is prediction, to be valid for me, must be tied to what the person is learning or needs to learnYou’ve brought critical men into your life because of your own criticalness aimed at others and yourself.  The square to Mars (7th H Su sq Ma) reveals your anger towards men, and unconsciously you’re bringing in a male to battle with.  Could you be setting yourself up with this subconscious attitude?

. . . Something like that.  Right Astrology is looking at the spiritual picture of a personSpiritual Astrology seeks to actualize the person’s potential energies so fulfillment is possible, and growth is obtained.