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#42. …All You Need is Love…

As I was jus’ saying, since squares and oppositions may be experienced as CTA’s (calls to action), the activity may be with another person or within one’s self, as integrating the ogres, and learning how to love “them.”  Asteroids Tris and Isolda, Cyllarus, implying Hylonome (who like Juliet chose death to be with her Beloved),…and Guinevere who has just passed Pluto, and both melt together briefly as the Moon crossed them both in the first chart diagram in the first Grand Cross post for Apr 20.

Remember Guinevere? King Arthur’s Queen who fell in love with Lancelot while still loving Arthur. Love theme abounding.  She’s the crown glyph conjunct Pluto exactly at 13-degrees Capricorn.

We’re looking at meanings of infidelity and wrong values too—part of the growing pains towards learning how to love, nor can we forget lust.  However, after helping to dismantle Camelot, she wished she had behaved differently and lived the rest of her life as a nun, so we’re looking at potentially greater Spiritual Love.  I mentioned this possibility also in Jupiter in Cancer where it is exalted.

On the other side of Pluto is the Asteroid, Okyrhoe, daughter of Chiron—how fine is that!? She was a prophetess who was turned into a mare because she told what would happen to her father and about his death.  (Much like another Asteroid, prophetic Kassandra, who was never believed).

Blending Pluto with Okyrhoe and Queen Guin, some prophetic Astrologer might imagine something adverse England’s beloved monarch, or that Astrologers’ trumpets of the Grand Cross will reach ears insistently.  I prefer not to go that route.  I don’t keep up with all the news, and I like to use Astrology for helping a person uplevel feelings, purpose, values, and Spiritual Path, whatever that might be.

Pluto, Okyrhoe, and Guinevere are about transforming and being transformed — Persephone, prophecy, a mare, a nun — all about humans seeking some level of transcendence.  Pluto led to Persephone becoming a Queen, not just of the Underworld, but of her own Unconscious.  One can see she moved up on the inner Realms.

Re the cosmic nature of this, please note Sarah Varcas’ article on Cosmic Satori,

The opposition from Jupiter adds expansiveness to this vista — perhaps suddenly with the square to Uranus, and the conjunction to Cyllarus, who was changed to his spirit self in a twinkling, and no one knew how.  These planets and aspects emphasize the strong possibilities of accelerated epiphanies — Meditational break-throughs, or feelings of intimacy with the global human spirit.  The window is available.  The dynamic beckons.

At the time of this publishing, the rare squares of the larger Planets have hit their degree tightness, and I’m receiving reports of
~ strongly increased connubial conflicts,
~ angst around desire to move to support father and daughter, but increased compelling to stay at current job with even more money,
~ breakdown of plans to have a book published for daughter’s birthday, but publisher giving no heads-up that it ain’t gonna happen.
~ steady ideas support flowing through me since Moon conjuncted Okyrhoe and Pluto, on through now, resulting in these three posts.

What’s been occurring in your life?


#38. Zell Bodine at FaceBook…

“We can allow ourselves to become channels for the destructive power of this formation by our choice of focus … on the people we’re mad at, on that person who annoys us at work, on the unfairness of life, on all the things we don’t have but ‘should,’ and on fighting the people and things who get in our way.

Or we can INTENTIONALLY CHOOSE to become channels for the enormous positive, creative energies contained in this configuration … power that WANTS to initiate positive solutions, find new ways to do things, create a new structure for a home, a relationship, a business, or a whole life.”

#24. Song of Concern

Out of Body Planes

Out of Body Planes

Will you sing your song of satisfaction, joy, fulfillment?

Does the Universe serve us the notes to make our Preferred Music?
With reservations for what’s karmically best for us–it’s my experience
the Light completes our prayer, focused desire, and unconscious compulsions.

I want to help you understand your present and past
to make your future manifest in line with your now’s potential.
To make your love expand like a seed.

Together, we can do these things.

Screaming for the Dawn

Screaming for the Dawn

#14. Myth is Immensely Important in Your Life though you may not know

A Myth is not a false Greek tale, as Westerners have come to think of it. Actually it has a trueness that goes well beyond an accurate account of reality. It encompasses a story and meaning that speak volumes to each hearer/reader that reaches past conscious knowing.

Our great mythologists like Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell show us that Mythology everywhere the same, beneath its varieties of costume. They are spontaneous productions of the psyche” Campbell writes, “and each bears within it, undamaged, the germ power of its source.” That “source” is much more that one’s conscious memories. The Source is Archetypal and presents the power of human dream, hope, experience told in Global mythic forms.

Campbell again: “Myth is the secret opening through which the inexhaustible energies of the cosmos pour into human cultural manifestation,” so religions, science, technology, arts, philosophies of primitive and historic man, and “dreams that blister sleep, boil up from the basic, magic ring of myth.”

Okay, our very foundations are built on Myth. What’s that have to do with our daily lives?

The answer is that You are your own hero. You’re the one you’ve been waiting for to liberate you, but we all need help—lots of it. Theseus, Hercules, and all the heroes needed help too. And Myth and Astrology are two forms of help we humans have been given.

What Myth whispers in the ear of your Unconscious? You may have one dominant Myth—like Repunzel waiting to be freed by the Prince, but probably you have quite a number of them running around in your psyche and perhaps calling the shots of your responses. There are Global myths associated to each of your planets and Stars to which you might vibrate.

In addition you have your personalized Myths (your dreams and stories you’ve bought into—like a successful modern woman must be able to work her job skillfully, be the good mother, and participate meaningfully in the community all at one time. New Myths multiply of suchlike lady heroes constantly in magazines, film, and TV. Are you running on the treadmill of that Myth and kicking yourself for underachieving?

#11. Spending Money on Counseling, Especially in Hard Times

My years of study in India, in meditation, and in transpersonal-spiritual areas of life and teachers have led me to be strongly persuaded to viewing humanity as spirit beings using a physical body for emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.Nearly all spiritual teachers and religions have taught that this is true, so I want to live my life to maximize my purpose for living. I must determine my Intention (to become compassion, to live in harmony without anger, or to do whatever I have decided my life needs). But how can I do this?

We generally select ego-indulgence since we don’t know what else to do to bring pleasure. We simply don’t know who we are, why we’re here, what to do, or how to do it. But underneath our personalities we are learning how to contact who we are as spirits. That’s where Astrology comes in.

Astrology is simply a major tool to help us know what we are and what’s going on in our being. Astrology is a guru, a wise crone, an inner guide, a wise teacher who knows everything about us–from the inside out. So we can consult Astrology (or Tarot) in confidence that our Inner Guide will always lead and teach us correctly. For some, this is faith in God(dess).

While some sects have decided Astrology is godless, the truth is that Astrology is woven into the very spiritual fabric of the universe–in the celestial bodies themselves. Planetary vibrations aren’t different from our frequencies or the Earth’s; in fact, they’re identical. The resonance between celestial energies and our own is why Astrology is precise and individual.

WE NEED HELP HERE. Life is hard for most (probably all) of us, because even if we have our material comfort zone taken care of, the emotions, the mind, and “other people” bring dilemmas. Astrology is one of the tools that can put us in touch with our True Self. And probably that’s what life is all about–and helping others to do the same.

Money is needed for the body–food, shelter, medical, etc. But it’s also just as badly needed for the Soul, the mind, and the emotions. And most people don’t really know how to feed these three properly, and perhaps at all.

In hard times we still must buy food, and we still must feed the Soul, mind, and emotions. If we don’t, then we can’t cope. We get unjustifiably angry, or filled with anxiety and confusion, or move towards divorce, isolation, aimless pursuits, and pain.

To live well (with quality and fulfillment) we must deal with ALL our being. That may mean reshuffling priorities to include money for the other necessities of life.

“Love handles most of it, but self-work is still required.”

#9. North and South Nodes: Soul Indicators

Nodes describe your whole incarnation. I mean that the South Node of your past describes a great deal of what qualities and events you’ve brought to this lifetime, and the North Node tells what you’re likely to do with them, to put it simply.

The Moon’s Nodes constitute a mini-chart and offer Solutions and descriptions of what you came to this life equipped with, along with your goals and intentions.

Growth comes from utilizing the best of the South Node to augment and develop the skills of the North Node. It’s a balance. Too much of the South Node or knee-jerk use of it is a rutthe same trapping patterns from the past.

What’s interesting and mystifying is that the Nodes are not bodies like a planet, asteroid, or Star. They’re intersecting points of two Great Circles: The Ecliptic (the path of the Sun and planets) and the Prime Meridian (the Great Plane that is implied by the perpendicular circle to the Equator.


In other words, a Node is a “crossroad.”—an intersection like where two ships seem to have crossed the same point. The point has NO substance, but the impact in our lives does, a great mystery.

I recommend two magnificent books on the Nodes:

1. Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul

2. Martin Schulman’s Karmic Astrology: The Moon’s Nodes and Reincarnation

Spiller is a How-to for your life. Schulman takes you into your messy depths so that you can come out a Saint.

#3. So what’s the “right” way to know Astrology?

Of course there is no “right” way to know Astrology, since there are so many astrologies out there.  Yet still, in my humble opinion, the way most people know Astrology is wrongFundamentalist Christians think it’s from the Devil.  I laugh and tell them that Jesus loved Astrology.  That’s why he brought the 3 Magi to adore him.  They were Astrologers.  Actually the Rabbis and the ministers are hung up with the use of Astrology for prediction.  In a way I am too.Yes, Astrology can be and is used for predicting what can or will happen.  Clients ask me if they will have a romance coming up, or what does marriage look like for her with so-and-so?  Astrology is good at describing what those situations will look likeStill, I always want to tie those answers to the spiritual path and makeup of the personAstrology is a tool for growth.  Sometimes happiness is not the best avenue for growth.  Sometimes we have to bite the bullet for growth.  (Unfortunately we may have to chew on that bullet quite a bit.)  The point is prediction, to be valid for me, must be tied to what the person is learning or needs to learnYou’ve brought critical men into your life because of your own criticalness aimed at others and yourself.  The square to Mars (7th H Su sq Ma) reveals your anger towards men, and unconsciously you’re bringing in a male to battle with.  Could you be setting yourself up with this subconscious attitude?

. . . Something like that.  Right Astrology is looking at the spiritual picture of a personSpiritual Astrology seeks to actualize the person’s potential energies so fulfillment is possible, and growth is obtained.