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#3. So what’s the “right” way to know Astrology?

Of course there is no “right” way to know Astrology, since there are so many astrologies out there.  Yet still, in my humble opinion, the way most people know Astrology is wrongFundamentalist Christians think it’s from the Devil.  I laugh and tell them that Jesus loved Astrology.  That’s why he brought the 3 Magi to adore him.  They were Astrologers.  Actually the Rabbis and the ministers are hung up with the use of Astrology for prediction.  In a way I am too.Yes, Astrology can be and is used for predicting what can or will happen.  Clients ask me if they will have a romance coming up, or what does marriage look like for her with so-and-so?  Astrology is good at describing what those situations will look likeStill, I always want to tie those answers to the spiritual path and makeup of the personAstrology is a tool for growth.  Sometimes happiness is not the best avenue for growth.  Sometimes we have to bite the bullet for growth.  (Unfortunately we may have to chew on that bullet quite a bit.)  The point is prediction, to be valid for me, must be tied to what the person is learning or needs to learnYou’ve brought critical men into your life because of your own criticalness aimed at others and yourself.  The square to Mars (7th H Su sq Ma) reveals your anger towards men, and unconsciously you’re bringing in a male to battle with.  Could you be setting yourself up with this subconscious attitude?

. . . Something like that.  Right Astrology is looking at the spiritual picture of a personSpiritual Astrology seeks to actualize the person’s potential energies so fulfillment is possible, and growth is obtained.