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#43. Serious about your Path? Ohotto echoes Astropath—Excellent Read

Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche

-C. G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections



#2. Quantum Physics in Astrology


Precise correspondences is another way of describing how energies from a star or planet link up with your personal energies—usually at the moment of a start of an event like birth or signing a document.  But events don’t happen to people, people happen to events (said Dane Rudhyar).  This not about causation!

I’m spirit (my spirit, soul, mind), and I hold attitudinal energies and expectations which shape what I experienceThe universe isn’t really material.Quantum physics has demonstrated that we live in a Non-local universe.  (Remember the film What the Bleep Do We Know?)  There’s simultaneity between that Star in the real spiritual universe.  In the material universe it may take light-years for a Star’s light to reach us, but in the spiritual universe (within our spirit, soul, and mind), that Star’s energy is instantaneously, non-locally, simultaneously within our psyches!So what you think you know about Astrology is probably wrong.  Astrology presents us with a deep Map (or really many Maps) of how the symbols of the spiritual energies looked in the material world—a chart of you.


#1. Hello Astrology Friends and You into Spiritual Development


Welcome to this Astrology Blog as we get our feet wet In Piscean waters.  You can come here to learn and/or give your comments.  At first I’ll send you emails of posts.  If that isn’t happening for you, send me your address at for notification.  For now there’s no password.  We’ll see how this goes.

My purpose is to share what I’m excited about in Spirituality, via Astrology.  Since I’ve been an Astrologist since 1975, and am STILL excited, maybe you’ll be turned on too.  Let’s start with my favorite theme now:  Hardly anyone (including many Astrologers) knows what Astrology is! 

The oft quoted joke–that we’re put here on the planet WITHOUT a Manual–just is NOT true.  Astrology is the Manual that’s been used since the Sumerian/Babylonians back to 3600 BCE and further. 

What you think you know about Astrology is probably wrong.

Since it’s been used popularly in newspapers and magazines for quicky descriptions, people think Astrology’s trivial and for Fortune-telling–a meaningless curiosity or superstition at fairs with fake crystal balls.  Nay, not true.

Astrology, a grand science and psychology combined, is the Monarch of knowledge, for it leads the kingly domains of the Mind and the Soul.  It is a Map of your consciousness and your Unconscious.  It tells everything about your psyche in more precise language but just as pithy as the images of your Dreams.

It is a Mountain of thousands of years of knowledge, and a Sea of intuition that embraces that mysterious connection between the stars, constellations, and planets–the Unconscious.  It is so huge (like Arcturus being 25 millions miles in diameter!) that I’m very thankful to computers that allow to me tackle such a vast storehouse of personal info about humans.

Anyone who has read or experienced Astrology in any depth is astonished at how it names exactly our behaviors, feelings, thoughts, and spiritual aspirations. 

And how?  For now, let’s just say that ALL is ONE, and we as inner spirits like a hologram contain the WHOLE.  A Star 100 light-years away is contained within our Minds and Souls.  All that Star’s energy connects or vibrates in us when at some sort of arcing point–usually in Degrees, minutes, and spatial seconds. Precise correspondences, we call them.

We’ll build more on this next time.