Dr Khier Starchylde100 khieriel Says:
March 11, 2014 at 5:33 pm 

You are important to me, because we are both Earth dwellers and Khier profileSouls.  And also because I want us to be Spirit-dwellers.  I serve you with personal in-depth Dialogues in a live online one-to-one situation with voice, webcam, and screen-share on your Browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox…).  http://astropath.org  gives details.

I’ve been a practicing professional Astrogist since 1976. I studied with Isabel Hickey, Rob Hand, Dane Rudhyar, Rob Peletier, Frances Sakoian, and Doris Hebel–to name some of the more known Astrologers. (Sorry for name-dropping.)

I like a good deal of Evolutionary Astrology–especially the Nodal work, Pluto, and Lucifer–but not everything. The “Freudian” sex causations bore me.  More I’m taken with what I call 22nd Century Small Planets as speakers of our deep Unconscious that shape and demand intense responses from us. I appreciate and use over 222 Asteroids along with Chiron in every chart I do because these have brought women and the feminine to rightful places and teach humanity and the patriarchy how to live in harmony and empathy.

Dumbfounded w c-u 4th-5th H PRIMES Chart

They are small like Pluto and come to us over the last 213 years (some in the last 10!) to guide humanity to Awakening, often by disabusing us from the accumulated karmic Shadow energies we all struggle with.



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  1. khieriel ~ Hi I met you at the faire in GP several mo.s ago. I grew up my formulative years with alot of Astroligical influence. Although quite honestly I haven’t paid much attention to it in the last several years. I admire your dedication & your in depth esoteric approach.. I have a bit of a hard time following you, probably because I’m out of touch & have now limited reference.

    I will give you my birth date & time & if you can shed any light perhaps to my personal transits or what is to be my direction. I know that sounds vauge but this time in my life feels like somehow both the dark night of the soul or it’s greatest awakening. I’m sure I am in the good company of many a kindred soul, as we are all one. I could use a search light to cut through the mists.
    I would be honored for you to look at my web site view the art I am inspired to co-create.
    Namaste’ Brenda DOB 6-12-1953 Sacramento, CA 2:26 AM

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