#48. Small is beautiful –What Minor Planets do You include?

48. Small is beautiful –What Minor Planets do You include?

Our society seems to appreciate what’s biggest, strongest, quickest—splattering the internet and newspapers with the 10 biggest Hollywood breasts, the 13 worst foods, the 5 acceptable Dwarf Planets, or the latest 19 into some Hall of Fame.

I don’t mean to belittle excellence. I quite admire achievers myself.  But when it to comes to choosing a model because she’s taller, or a Hollywood star because she’s big busted, or which energy to accept into your Hall of Minor Planets, I draw the line.

Remember the phrase “Small is beautiful”? Wiki tells us, “It is often used to champion small, appropriate technologies that are believed to empower people more, in contrast with phrases such as ‘bigger is better.’”


These drawings of the Minor Planet, IO, which is about 180 km on its long side, show that most of the Minor Planets are not round, and come nowhere close to Pluto’s size which is 2,322 km in comparison to the Earth’s which is a whopping 12,756 km.

Yet before the person with the ruler says I told you so, the Earth is only 1/11 to 1/12 the diameter of Jupiter at 142,984 km.  That’s getting close to the ratio of Io to Pluto.

The Earth with its friendliness to humans is where we would like to live. In fact we couldn’t live on Jupiter. We much more value the Earth over the larger Jupiter. Certainly in this case, small is more beautiful.

No doubt you’re getting my point.  In a quantum universe, space and time are negligible. The distance of a star still has a Here-and-now quality to it, especially in the Unconscious worlds of the mind and the inner dimensions where Io’s frequencies are   transferred to human consciousness in terms of thoughts, feelings, and events as Astrology shows us in constant Illustration.

The universe’s foundation is Spiritual, and with human eyes pretty much unseen. The frequencies of infrared and ultraviolet rays require us to use machines to detect them. In fact we need telescopes to see Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the Dwarf Planets, and the Minor Planets (unless we use inner vision and leave the body in what is called Astral travel).

So let’s not play down the tiny space bodies that are small like the Apollo near Earth objects that are only near 1 km in size, because the dimension of Consciousness In the spirit world is only a point, and yet it contains the entire universe, much like the matter (about the size of a basketball, scientists say) that existed before the big bang. Much like a hologram.

I encourage you to pay attention to these Minor Planets because the small energies just might empower you.



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