#46. Will the Real Virgo-Type Stand Up, please.

46. Will the Real Virgo-Type Stand Up, please.

I like to think of Astrology and the Wheel as a series of continuums that sometimes are cycles and sometimes are ladders between Signs and Houses.

In thinking this way, there is no actual Virgo or Pisces but instead a point on the continuum between the two, and it fluctuates (moving more towards Virgo, or more towards Pisces) in tune with I thoughts, words, and deeds.

Both deal with virginity and indulgence, for example.  A person locates on the continuum at times in her/his life and indulges in sex or abstains,perhaps like a Vestal Virgin in a temple, who used sexuality as a means for spiritual advancement as in Tantra.  (So a Hestia-type person could actually still retain one’s spiritual virginity.)

Virgo and Pisces also deal with service, from personal to communal.  Both deal with work too, so a person might have the extreme and negative sort of work that’s picky and critical, on over to benign and altruistic of Pisces’ positive, to Pisces’ negative of spaced out laziness and avoidance, maybe preferring to be toked up.

I have Pisces rising but with the ruler Neptune in Virgo, so I really taste both the extremes and vacillations—and sometimes many points in between.

This understanding is one reason why generic nomenclature or  pigeonholing doesn’t work.  There are as many Virgo-types as there are Virgo Suns, Ascendants, Moons, and rulers.

Nothing new here… .  It’s just approaching the Wheel in terms of Six Pairs.

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