#45. Glossary of Asteroids and Planets Open to Public Viewing

45. Glossary of Asteroids and Planets Open to Public Viewing

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This slice of Data is located in the C’s of the front-page Glossary at http://QuantumAstrologyAcademy.org, the new Astrology School.
Students and general public can access this space body information, along with Keywords, Affinities to similar other solar system Planets, and often pertinent myth and research info, depending on the energy.
The yellow section above are the headings found for each body, showing Symbol, Abbreviation, Gender, and Catalog #, which you will need if you have to put it in a chart at astro.com. Chariklo (Kar-ee-kloh) is in a class of Centaurs (Ken-tars). The violet-colored number refer to the AU (Astronomical Unit, which is the distance from Earth to the Sun). The smaller the AU, the closer to us is the Planet.
Another factor that tells us how fast the body might be traveling is the Orbit per Earth Year around the Sun. 63.2 is average for Kentaurs, which usually go from Saturn’s orbit out past Uranus or even Neptune. In comparison, Mars take about 2 Earth years to orbit the Sun and us.
Chariklo is the largest Kentaur, wife to Chiron, mother to Okyrhoe (O-keer-o-wa). Both mother and daughter are seers, an important clue to interpretation of them in your chart.
The site then suggests Keywords, Affinities to other planets, myth info (though most of that will show on another glossary), and Research collations—people who have the energy prominently.
Major work in progress! There are 50 A’s alone… and I’m only in the C’s here in August, ‘14.
Note these two C’s that follow. Child has no Gender—till it refers to a little person or adult in a chart. Charybdis is an inner monster that needs some love, but the astronomers haven’t published its diameter yet.

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