#41. What’s Love got to do with it?

     For planet tightness around the 13-degree point, and Not having the Moon participate, the exact retrograde opposition of Mars to Uranus offers the strongest potential.  It’s the early hours of April 23rd that has Mundane Astrologers speaking of likely Russian troop movements in the Ukraine, but the op has the energy for a gillion other dynamic activities too, as well as plentiful mental ones (mental = Aries and Uranus Air).

     AND as we saw in the last Blog there are other energies, other very small planets involved.  These small bodies reveal and support what some Astrologers have been saying about the opportunity for Love being afforded by these larger planets which aren’t usually associated with the Grand feeling.


Instead of mayhem and destruction from the clashing of Mars and Uranus, love energies (Cancer Jupiter in upper right conjunct to Cyllarus, half of the famous love story of him and Hylonome) insinuate themselves through the strident muscle of Pluto, Uranus, and Mars.

In fact, though Hylonome is not present here, Tristan and Isolda are. Tris is the Viking-looking male next to Europa and Uranus in Aries, while Isolde, the other half of the star-crossed lovers, is within a degree of Mars, and opposite Tristan.


If we still approach Astrology viewing Planets and situations as malefics and “bad,” then Isolda opposition to Trstan, and joined with Mars would seem to make things uncomfortable for a love interp.  But then, it’s their love that has survived in many nations and for over a thousand years—not their difficulties.

Additionally, there are no malefics in Astropath quantum Astrology.  we subscribe to the ideas that evil is Good misunderstood.  A car crash can open up a new avenue of expression and creativity.  A deep love can ignite the world with awe and renewed  benign intentions.

Another point is that the monsters and the challenges of life are there for what reason??  Cruel God?  Messy Karma?  Mean Fate?  Lousy world?

Perhaps, but I hold with the view found in the Scriptures of the world and the Meditating Teachers that our Evolution requires us to flow with and even love what is—while keeping our hearts directed to our personal and collective human Ascension, whatever that may look like.

Okay, so we have Love pervading this Grand Cross—seen further with Europa—the backward Om sign between Tristan and Uranus.  She’s tied in with Taurus (she changed into a cow to escape amorous Zeus/Jupiter squaring her here).  That relationship didn’t seem to turn out so well (Minotaur, etc) but eventually it lead to another great love and transcendence in Ariadne and Dionysus, both asteroids too.  More “evil is good misunderstood.”

So if you look at squares and oppositions the way Uranian Astrologers do, just conjunctions on a 90-degree dial, you might join me in seeing some positive possibilities for this gargantuan April, 2014.

I’ll keep saying more in the next Blog


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