#40. …First The Blood Red Moon…NOW the Grand Cross

I had a good time with the blood red full Moon on a Jewish feast day.  Jesus did not come back, but then there are three more blood red Moons on feast days to come, so in the meantime I’ll be happy with the fact that I had hours and hours of steady ideas pouring into my head.

             Pluto \ Moon  (Apr 20, )

This diagram is a typical simplification of the notorious April 2014 Grand Cross at sort of the beginning of tight degrees.  but here’s what it looks like with the color of the very small planets:


These are the planets (my Academy, AQAA, pays attention to) that are situated within 2-degrees of the significant 13-degree positions of Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, Mars.  The time is selected due to the first tight joining of these with the Moon at 13-degrees conjunct Uranus in Aries.  The Ascendant doesn’t matter—that is, it’s not any specific chart.

Most of the Glyph Symbols are in SolarFire, but I’ve used some from the Mac program Kairon and some from Webdings.

Here is the same chart (different style) with text names.


Immediately comes the question, What does this mean??

I’ve let the three diagrams above be turned somewhat from each other because it’s important to know that the planets and degrees fit into your chart which probably won’t look like any of these.  Different times, different Ascendants, different Houses…and also different days.

These are for the now infamous April (the 20th), 2014.  This day and soon the upcoming contacts I’ll be referring to in these Blogs are already happened.  This article, and my whole approach to Astrology, is NOT predictive.  I come from the position that Astrology is better used in nonpredictiveways.  It ought not be a form of fortune-telling.

Additionally I don’t do Mundane Astrology—mostly because I focus upon personal growth for individuals and families, and also because I don’t keep up with all the world events.

 I’m concerned in this Blog with what Astrological energies are doing in your life, and your life is one of the main reasons why I use the very small planets, a.k.a. asteroids.

But if the roof didn’t blow off your house, or you didn’t discover all the pipes bursting in the cellar, or you didn’t reach that transcendent enlightenment that you were hoping for, that doesn’t mean that your prayer doesn’t work, or that Astrology doesn’t describe effective events.

What it does mean is that we’re living in a spiritual universe that has infinite possibilities – until the environment, your karma, your past choices, and your spiritual development narrow down the moment to one result which you will then experience.  And Spiritual Astrology helps us to identify those energies.

More important, Spiritual Astrology helps to launch us to our Soul-manifestation (which is going to require deep investigation and deep Meditation).  Spiritual Astrology is the seeing eye dog for your path.

In terms of the Grand Cross that more or less started on the 20th, it is useful for us to use a more complete picture of the energies. I’ll let you raise your curiosity to examine the two charts for my next Blog entry when I will discuss meanings and implications.


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