#35. Astrology in You–Do You Know What It Is? Part 2

Amusingly, some materially oriented critics see all of Astrology as hocus-pocus, thinking that all experience comes from chemicals in the brain, or that only what you see is what you get (no Inner Planes).  Others imagine that some celestial body tens of thousands of miles or light years away can’t affect us, not knowing that Jupiter, e.g., has more gravitational impact on us than a person 3 feet away!  These people don’t have any real experience with Astrology, and/or they are rather young on the spiritual path.  I don’t pay any attention.

A major approach is Medical.  Some people see and use Astrology only for health and remedies.  Tomes written on the subject.  ‘Course you always have to deal with the ADA and AMA games and stupidities, but the capacity to work with a good healer is huge.  One beauty is of course timing-seeing when the illness or issue started, peaks, and may pass!  Healers and healing are strongly shown in charts.

Many Astrologers and hopeful clients come to Astrology as a tool for finding a Vocation, or maybe a direction in life-often called in the East your Dharma (your path to Enlightenment).  Where should you put your next footstep?  And why should you choose that one? Astrology is famous for help of this kind.  With Midheaven for career, 2nd House for income, 6th House for work and service, and Asteroids like Industria (yes), we’re well endowed with support and insight.

Probably I’m the only one who thinks of this as an approach or what Astrology is about:  Actually growing from a Spiritual tack, Astrology is the identification and exposing of the Ego so that Spiritual steps may be taken to puncture it, or build it up for the task of transmutation to higher Chakra energies.  I like this one, but it’s hard.  No one wants to hear that her or his fond egoistic styles or pursuits or blamings are strictly bogus constructs the Ego uses to self-inflate.  Sigh.

Then there’s the viewpoint (usually New Age) that Astrology is outdated, doesn’t keep up with some Channels or visionary experiencesTo me, that’s like saying gravity is outdated.  Try jumping of a bridge.  The fact is that since we’re constituted of the same energies as the Planets and Stars, all our “updates” are included in the total energies.

An old view of Astrology is that those Astrologers who don’t use the “precession of the Equinoxes” are not in reality.  These people conform to the scientific fact of the Earth’s wobble and place the Sun nearly 30 degrees behind the tropical Astrologers.  This would sound persuasive-if you did NOT know how Astrology works.  Astrology is more a mapping of human consciousness than it is of the spatial heavens.  The Greeks took the wildly careen constellations and built a nice tidy Zodiac where a Sign (only corresponding to the constellation) was boxed up neatly in 30-degrees.  thus we’re into what Astrology really is . . . symbolic!  We find the accurate progressed Moon moving a symbolic year for each actual day in the ephemeris (the astronomical listing of daily movements of celestial bodies).  Shouldn’t show or mean a thing.  But it does!  and it has for at least 5,000 years, quite accurately.  BTW, that’s why I’m not a “Cusp” Astrologer.  If your birth-time is correct, your Sun is either in one Sign or the following one.

Mustn’t forget Mundane Astrology. Tons of Astrologers see Astrology’s sole purpose that of  dealing with the effects of the energies upon the world in general-politics, countries, rise and fall of Presidents, war, and the like.  Don’t come to me for that.  I just found out Oregon’s US Senator in my state of Oregon was defeated.  I don’t even have TV.  Yet it’s a good pursuit, one that Astrology was only used for back in the days of Babylonia.

I could go on like this for hours . . . but we still wouldn’t see the Big Picture of what Astrology is; we’d only see through a keyhole, through a glass darkly-because Astrology is like all the bodies of space, their gravitations, and electromagnetic influences.  Shucks, we don’t even know what matter is, or fire, or the 4 Forces are.  That’s Astrology’s job-to offer some links to the Beyond and to ourselves-the Macrocosm and the microcosm, which is you and I at this point of our realizations.  Does anybody know what Astrology is and does for you?  Not really.  It’s too big.  I’ve been a professional studying it for 33 years, and it grows bigger to my mind every day; I doubt I’ll ever catch up.


One response to “#35. Astrology in You–Do You Know What It Is? Part 2

  1. I enjoy all of your explanations about this vast subject!
    I’ve found the bit of “medical astrology” I’ve encountered to be quite useful, and indeed fascinating. In the spiritual sense, I appreciate the idea of transmutation of energies, or of rising from the untruth to the Truth. I do watch myself cringe at words that describe this as “exposing” and “puncturing” the ego. I notice I am more receptive to words which encourage an opening to a higher path and a letting go of what is limiting. Probably all the same – however, to a Pisces such as myself, letting go or merging or melting rings my chimes and draws me in, whereas exposure and puncture might send me running the other way.
    By the way, have I mentioned I think you are brilliant in the astrological dialogues?

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