#34. Astrology in You–Do You Know What It Is?

Does anybody know what Astrology is and does for you?  I don’t think so.

Some get that it changes your life. Just this week when I had another Taurus in my face about another wrangle, I went to my chart to address this energy force in my life.  Voila!  Taurus is the 12th House of my volatile Gemini Moon which gets emotionally charged in my communication.  The 12th H energies for me here raise up hidden unconscious trouble in myself about not letting go (Taurus) of challenging, confrontive ideas (Taurus & Gemini Moon blended).  I instantly got to take responsibility for the Taurean patterns in a concrete was.  This showed me that the problem wasn’t the slow-on-the-uptake Taurean confrontations, but my denial of my Taurean response to argument.  Big stuff for my Ego to get.  Life changing!

Some people (who imagine they know what Astrology is) get Astrology’s ability to follow the actualization/fulfillment of the necessary energies in your life. Way important!  And it does this with timing!  Everyone knows that only Astrology can mark off when events occur past, present, future within a range or even to the day.

Others get Astrology’s power to reveal how the energies of two people interact, showing what the nature of the relationship will be as it unfolds.  Quite significant to know when wanting to improve or fix the dynamics-to learn how to heal the emotional and psychological exchanges.

I’m excited about another viewpoint of Astrology–the spiritual offerings which range from profiling what your Spiritual profile could look like with your attention, to where you might place that Spiritual attention and intention, to how you might actualize your spiritual energies in your life.  This also includes the higher octaves, e.g., the energies of Moon’s emotion upleveled to Venus’s feelings and mundane love, then upleveled to Asteroids like Ceres nurture, then to Neptune’s spiritual Love.

A very few people think that the new Astrology is about the colossal new energies of some of the 15,000 Asteroids that have been recently discovered and named.  The specific definitions of events, profiles, and answers to life’s questions is profound when the Asteroids are placed on the chart.  What a wealth of info and direction!

A wise amount of people for over 5,000 years have approached Astrology for guidance in any area of their lives, using it like an oracle or psychic.  Smart move, because the maps are so clear and helpful.  You can even keep asking the same question and go more deeply into your Unconscious for the richer answer!  I in fact use tools like Astrology dice and Astro-cards to indicate answers for most sorts of well phrase questions.  This branch of Astrology is called Horary, and some people only use it for the purpose of getting such information.

A great many Western persons think Astrology is to consult for their profiles.  “Oh, I know my signs,” these people say; “I’ve had my chart done.”  Not really.  These persons think  Astrology is a pulling of a tooth that now all over.  “Been there.  Done that.”  This was a good start, but if you are serious about guiding yourself  physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, you need to keep up your pursuit with a good Astrologer Or learn some important basics to also watch your own potential and development.

Since the impact of Dane Rudhyar and Liz Greene, most Astrologers attempt to approach Astrology psychologically, rather than predicting dire or great events in your future.  Astrology’s ability to define a person’s profile lends it well to recognizing emotions and thoughts on behavior. Liz Greene specified this to the other phenomenal influence on the skill, the great psychologist Carl Jung, who applied Depth Psychology and brought in the Archetype concept to the planetary energiesSome practitioners don’t even knoew there are other ways to view the Astrological model.

Quite different from Jungian Astrology is Evolutionary Astrology generated by Jeffrey Wolf Green which emphasizes Pluto, the Nodes, Soul purpose, and Sex to determine how you’re moving on your Spiritual Path. One sticky part of this is ascertaining what one of the three stages you are in on your Spiritual trek, as judged by the Astrologer.  Hmmm, I keep that to myself, thank you very much.  Quite a can of worms.  However, many Evolutionary Astrologers don’t much countenance the other approaches which are viewed as trivial.

I’ll continue this in Part 2 in the next Blog, for you can see that the approaches to Astrology and what Astrology really is appear to be huge–far beyond most persons’ estimate.  Some topics will be Vocation and Medical.


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