#33. New Spiritual Avenues (on 2nd Life!)


So does this image evoke fantasies of divine experience?  It’s supposed to.  You and your teacher sitting in a great temple, wandering n the heights of spiritual blisss on Inner Planes.  2nd Life has thousands of places, groups, and light devices designed to facilitate your spiritual growth.

2nd Life has thousands of places, devices, and venues devoted to enhancing the Spiritual Path in you as you utilize this Quantum Virtual World to stimulate first your imagination, and then your Soul to scale greater Heights.


Here I am in my 3rd-Eye Meditation with the radiance of the 6th Chakra pulsating out as my head takes on greater sensitivity, and my mind begins to allow my Consciousness to take over.

The more receptive you are to Quantum energies, the more experience of the Divine can be available.

Meanwhile, you can go to places of learning like Mystic Academy to study Reiki, Buddhism, Advaita, Astrology (I teach three classes), Quaker Friends,… actually you name it, it might be there.

Go to Secondlife.com, download the software, pick your Avatar, and plunge in.  (I hope your puter is up to it.)   🙂


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