#32. My 2nd Life!

Big for me is that I’ve bought land in the terrific 3D Virtual World called Second Life where I’m teaching 3 Astrology classes online!

This experience is a Total Trip totally! Just about anything you choose to do in your 1st life (1L) you can do in 2L, but then add in a zillion things extra!  It’s like being on an Inner Plane where you can manifest mammoth trees, architecturally magnificent buildings and landscaping, spectacular clothing while having a body and face that range from a replica of yours to raving beauties, sages, or animals!

While you can have great dance experiences as your character (or Avatar) goes to clubs to dance the most amazing moves (wish I could do them!), you might more like the constant lectures, and classes available on great topics like Reiki, A Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle, building, marriage, poetry, Astrology, Hinduism, Christianity, etc.  (There are Christian churches, with ministers who help you.  Healers of all sorts.  In fact look up the CBS UTube re Second Life,  on how an agoraphobic woman was healed by utilizing 2L.)

OK, more later.  Gotta get to the Psychic Faire where maybe I’ll work on your life.  (I’m bringing my Astro-Dice and Astro cards too!)  Oh and go to http://secondlife.com for more intro, software, and requirements of your computer.   🙂


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