#31. Khierian cosmology to show where I’m coming from

Who God is (Jesus, Nanak, Allah, Jehovah, Sat Naam) is not so important as What is your relationship to this Source?  The metaphors of Son, Daughter, Child work, and the important part is experiencing contact in some way.

kirpal-hand-flat The biggest and best access to the Divine may be direct contact inside in Meditation, but we humans also experience visions, dreams, heightened feelings, love interchanges, feelings from service, etc.

When we’re out of synch with ourselves, we feel malaise or anger or many sorts of negative emotions.  We feel separate from our Source, but we probably won’t  know that we’re separated at all.  We instead may feel apart, ostracized, lonely with people-mate, children, fellow workers.

The fact generally is a person doesn’t have touch with her/his unconscious (a facet of God, or the Soul, or even repressed mind experiences).  That’s where Astrology comes in.

What I like most about Astrology is that I’m in no way endangering myself or my client by using supernatural powers.  What I use is quite harmlessly physical: Sun, Moon, planets, Asteroids, Stars, cards, etc.  There’s a tangibility here, and I’ve come to see Astrology as the aid our Source has given us to get through our bedarkened lives-as Paul said, we but see through a glass darkly.

The fantastic 3D virtual world program, called 2nd Life, should really be called 3rd life because it parallels our situation where our Soul runs our personality on Earth, and many souls get identified with the ego, thus getting hung-up on this plane of illusion.

Astrology’s job is to help disentangle the personality from its beliefs about this world-like “I can’t be happy because he doesn’t love me,” or “There’s no God because I’ve never seen Him or Her.” and similar mind-creations.  Astrology points to your blockages and strengths, helps to ascertain your life’s purpose, shows where you fulfill your written potential.

Frankly I don’t think a person can navigate life intelligently without Astrology.  One is just walking around blindfolded.

So there’s a little Khierian cosmology to show where I’m coming from when were doing our Dialogues together, or in these Blogs.  Got any thoughts on these ideas?


2 responses to “#31. Khierian cosmology to show where I’m coming from

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  2. Butterfly Dancer

    I love your insight and knowledge on Astrology, and spiritual development. I agree, and have some experience with some of what you say can happen when one goes inside,in meditation,or conect on a higher spiritual level. It is hard for me to talk about my experiences, I can not find words to convey truly what happens. I only know and remember what I thought, feel and see.

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