#30. Universe’s Simultaneity/Coincidence: Astrology Cards for You

One view of Astrology and Tarot I offer is simultaneity of events and symbols that rise spontaneously.  The accomplished Astrologist or Taroist is sensitive to these symbols like a Dowser to water.  The other principle here is that of the holographic universe in which the Whole is contained in the part.  These are both foundational characteristics of Quantum Physics.  Check out What the Bleep Do We Know (film and/or book).

Monte Farber’s Karma Cards from 1988 present you a demonstration of simultaneity, coincidence in its deep sense, and holograms containing the bigger picture.  An article at http://www.wicce.com/karmacards.html tells you how to use them.  Using them is so simple that you know how immediately, and the best part is you don’t need to know Astrology first.

My concern in this Blog is about Quantum simultaneity, not the cards themselves, but I do want to emphasize their marvelous ability to plumb your psyche.  24 cards divided into Planets, Signs, and Houses, the cards as you pick one from each category or pile give a particular position like Sun in Libra in the 5th House (pictured above).  This gives a similar opportunity like Astrology dice:

These dice when rolled regarding a subject give an Astrological position again like Neptune in 12th House Aries shown in my photo.  However, a knowledge of what the symbols mean requires an Astrology Counselor.  So don’t by them (Amazon for $7) if you don’t plan to study.

As I was saying above, the cards present a method of tuning into your psyche, the world, and the universe, by giving suggestive interps; and the interpretations are for the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual levels but also gear to whether the topic is a Question (red end of cards) or an Outcome (blue end of cards).

Let’s demonstrate:  My Question is What is the Outcome on my spiritual growth of writing this article? From the three piles I drew North Node in 10th House Pisces.  One Astrological interp I’d give for this position/answer is I’m on the path beneficial to me (North Node) in a spiritual way or for the greater good (Pisces) in my career (10th House).  This last part being the career House is significant because the Question has to do with my writing an article re Astrology, which is my life’s work, and of course the Pisces sign is the most appropriate for a positive answer (for which I’m grateful!).

Spiritually speaking (S row on blue end of North Node), the cards says, “There will be” (N Node deals with what’s fulfilling).  Added to it is the S of the blue end of the Pisces card, “Spirituality to ultimately experience”…”your destiny” (10th House card).

So my apprehension or curiosity is laid to rest as the Physical and Mental rows continue to speak of success/benefit of this “psychic” knowledge in where I’m going.  Phew!  I thought I might be doing all this work for nothing!

What we’ve seen in a little show of what’s down the rabbit hole of the Unconscious oneness that makes my drawing a card, or looking at a Chart’s symbols answer Questions or give Outcomes.  Very psychological actually.  “It’s all in the mind.”  [Not fully, because the mind is outside Spirit, but that’s another Blog….]


3 responses to “#30. Universe’s Simultaneity/Coincidence: Astrology Cards for You

  1. North Node in Pisces in the 10th House sounds like a perfect outcome to me! It supports your path of spiritual work! You’re tuned in nicely.

  2. Hi Kier —

    So interesting how many levels of this topic there are. First of all, there’s the oracular media themselves — astrological glyphs and the reality they point to, in the heavens, on the dice or on the cards. Then there’s the human activator of the oracle(s), in this case Kier. You bring your unique constellation of energies into the matrix already defined by the media, pushing the tool to move from “field” state to “particle” state in answer to your question. Then there is the augury which results — the actual ‘speech’ of the Oracle, exemplified by the cards you turned up. Then finally there is your own reaction to the oracle’s utterance, which includes drawing a relationship to yet another level of information — your birthchart.

    The fascinating part of all of this is the way the observing consciousness “bends” the incoming information without realizing it. As you say above “… the question has to do with… Astrology, which is my life’s work, and of course the Pisces sign is the most appropriate for a positive answer…”

    Hmmmm, speaking as an oracle interpreter myself, it is your job to perceive ~whatever~ comes up in that position as “the most appropriate for this answer”, no matter what. Your mind would have made sense of anything that fell there, because you have that kind of flexible, muli-associational mind already, by virtue of being a interpreter of oracles. In other words, you are primed to see meaning there. You would not have failed to find meaning, no matter what cards came up!

    But beyond that, let’s note the internal language that each of us has created to hold these “baskets of associations” connected with the media in hand — a vast assemblage of ancient and modern associations attributed to the words Pisces; North Node ; Tenth House. Taking the outsider’s view, and being an astrologer too, I might juggle my associations around a little differently, to surmise that Aquarius “should” have been “the most appropriate for this answer” (from my personal sense of what these signs symbolize, and because my North Node is in Aquarius).

    Nevertheless, my sense of meaning in this case has no bearing on the experience as it was lived by Kier. The answer the Oracle gave was perfectly adjusted to meet YOU in your own sense of meaning, giving you exactly the impression necessary for you to have that “aha” at the moment of the reading. Nothing could have been more perfect FOR YOU than that the reference was to Pisces in that spread.

    This puts us in touch with the reality that the moment of Kier’s reading, and the occupant(s) of the bubble of consciousness encompassing Kier’s reading, manifest a “reality” or “zone” unique to that time/space. It’s a self-compete, unassailable universe unbroken by considerations outside Kier and his astro-cards. One human, one set of symbols, one moment…. and a universe of possible directions for awakening, all unleashed in the presence of three little flash-cards. Such is the power of the moment in a mind cultivated for communication with the invisibles!

    I do not intend to imply that I am more “objective” than Kier is! This slight “bias” we each have is part of our human energetic signature. We can’t get away from it any more than we can our shadow or our personal smell. Part of the work of a reader is to become increasingly aware of that bias, not to try to eliminate it, but to be able to read through it like we do the lenses of our glasses, using it to bring the issues before us to the specific focus that is our own unique POV.

    Ultimately we are left with the question, how did the cards “know” to do that? For that matter, when I throw cards and then follow their formal sign/house/planet/degree correspondences onto my birthchart, how do the cards manage to pick out the most pressing transit of the day so unerringly? So often I think — there has to be consciousness directing these cards! Otherwise how can they so perfectly skewer me like that?!

    Ultimately there is no objectivity. Only cultivated subjectivity. Our challenge is to become ever more increasingly subtle, and sensitive, and self-aware. Under our own microscope, so to speak. Once we learn the significance of our own reactions to our oracles, then we can begin to translate them for others as well.

  3. Addendum: I should be writing for my upcoming ArkLetter, so if you find snippits of this in the next NewMoon articles, you’ll see another level of syncronycity at work here.

    What I was trying to suggest is that there’s something going on during these sessions with the Oracle that stands outside the person manipulating the media, and also ~stands outside the meaning-matrix that the oracle represents with its signs and symbols~. In other words, there’s a third presence there, outside the ego of the operator and outside the model which animates the oracle.

    I had this suspicion when I was actively reading cards and charts for my daily bread, but its even more clear now that my writings have been delivering Tarot readings on the internet for a decade. Even if the cards are saying the very same thing to a hundred different people, not one of those people will get the same spread as any other. In other words, for the Oracle to say the same thing to me as they did to Kier in this spread (or any spread), it would have to use different cards!

    Even with set and standard values, a defined number of movable units, a pre-determined pattern of use and all the other constraints of the Oracle’s paradigm in place, the Oracle is always rewriting itself for the new occasion. And where does this ‘rewriting’ take place? In our own unique body/mind bubble, at the moment of communion, between the time when the question is still in formation, and the time when the cards (dice, runes, etc.) show themselves. A mere blink of an eye, and yet an eternity…

    Now if that isn’t magic, my friends, what is?

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