#28. Answer: “Can you shed any light re my direction?”

It’s important to know that my approach to Astrology is through Dialogue.  We sleuth together to arrive at the right answer, direction, solution, Soulution.

Your future is determined by your Past and most importantly your Present.  The Past is your Natal chart, and how it progressed (and the choices you made) during the subsequent years.  It’s dynamic.  Ideally you can create your direction you want, but most people don’t.  They don’t know they can, and don’t know how to.

Your Sun (Asker of this Q: Beth, we’ll say) is conjunct the Asteroids, Demeter and Phaethon.  If you readers are sharp with your Greek Mythology, you’ll know Demeter (Ceres) is a conservative Mother Nature who gets yanked by Pluto stealing her daughter.

Beth, your steady nature, perhaps maternally, is highly challenged by 1) your Gemini Sun, and 2)the influence on your Sun of Phaeton, the wild boy who drove the flying solar chariot too close to the Earth/Sun and had to be thunderbolted.

The point for you is your frustration in being tied down–the very opposite to the Demeter energy in yourself.  If you’re holding a steady fort, one you’ve built over years, then your other parts might be longing or screaming to do some very public, cause-oriented, dream-oriented activities (Chiron has moved into your 11th House, and Jupiter is at 29 degrees of 10th H Capricorn).

You probably wouldn’t want to throw over the traces (Cancer Moon and lunar Return in Cancer in the 4th H of family and stability), but you may not want to be raising the grandchildren either, though you find them lovable.

At this time I’d see you finding a supplement in your life that takes you into the public arena in perhaps volunteering, teaching children something not related to your current teaching in your field.

Actually your current work does most of the job, but the Gemini needs more, perhaps mental interaction, less Cancer feeling you express so well in your work!

We need to talk….


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