#27. What We All Suffer at Some Point: Losing the ONE We Love

Perhaps you’re used to seeing an Astrology chart with 10 Planets, a Node or two, and maybe a few other points.  Here’s a part of the chart I work with:

Effect on Venus, Moon, and Ascendant

Devastation of Lunar Return. Pluto-Asc transit. Ns-Vn transit

Devastation of Lunar Return. Pluto-to-Asc transit. and Nessus-to-Venus transit

I made this image large so that you can read the details.  When we’re talking about love we would look to Venus (for a man’s chart); look to the Moon for his mother and approach to women; look to his Ascendant for impacts on himself, his personality.  And this male person we’ll call Jack hs them heavily accented.  Let’s see how.

Jack’s natal Venus is at 12 degrees (12*) Aquarius, and in the sky (called a transit) the Asteroid Nessus is also at 12*.  See this in the Detail, and then on the full chart above (at the lower left).

Detail of Venus and Transits

While Nessus (Ns) is an Asteroid (just discovered in 1993), it is also called a Centaur which are objects that have extremely erratic orbits that move oblong around the Sun so much that it goes closer to the Sun than Uranus but also farther out than Neptune.  Read up on Centaurs in Greek mythology , and you’ll learn about a part of yourself in disguise.

Nessus deceived Hercules’s wife, leading to the hero’s death; in this way we see the deception of feelings Jack experienced as his Lilly moved out.

Centaurs and Nessus often have to do with healing and transformation.  There’s a potential for Jack to grow from this pain, to change values, to select women who appreciate something perhaps that his soul is striving for.  This interpretation is reinforced by another asteroid also transiting his Venus, Terpsichore, which deals with the body.  Jack a strong person, has been assailed by a couple injuries that recently have limited his movement.  But it’s unlikely he will make the tie-in to his attitudes and choices to whom to give his affections.  That’s how Astrology and the detail of the Asteroids assist.

Nessus deals also with betrayal; Jack’s been betrayed by his loved one and by his body, and he’s betrayed himself possibly with his choice of values which belie his Pisces soul concerns.  He may’ve also betrayed his mother’s values he was raised on.  Note he has a Natal 12th House Moon.  What is not shown is he’s having a Lunar Return–his progressed Moon coming back to its origin.  Since the 12th House deals with the unconscious, particularly from childhood with the parental influences and engrams, it’s not unlikely that Jack’s is rehearsing some sort of betrayal associated with his mother (always symbolized as the Moon).  Perhaps it was the divided nature of their values and behaviors–a touchy subject to bring up because when humans doubt themselves, they usually bring someone into their lives to reject them.

Finally in this quick little review, Pluto is transiting Jack’s Ascendant, a tumultuous experience, although perhaps spread out over a year.  There might be a death of a person, but in this case it might be the death of a relationship, both of which are highly tranformative to the personality.  Ideally Jack will come out of this greatly and positively altered.

Sisyphus and Pandora also transiting the Ascendant says he’s done this many times in the past and opens a box of dangers to himself.  Pluto energy requires he overcome the issue this time.


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