#26. I’m back! after 6 months of raw foods w/ Greenhouse

Khier's Greenhous Approaching Completion

Khier's Greenhouse Approaching Completion

After going Raw Foods I saw the need for gowing all my own food year-round, so I decided to build cold-frames and then a Green house.  All this has taken since June.

Astrologically my progressed Solar Return (Key Cycle) had the chart ruler Venus in Capricorn, and then the chasrt ruler Pluto in Capricorn–a big work Sign, and my Sun Sign.  Follow that?

Plus, Saturn has been in my 6th for all of this, dealing with health and work–just where it was for me from 1979-80 when I built a huge house, shop, and GREENHOUSE (Saturn then moving into Libra for the beauty & growth).

In your charts, one of you became a licensed Acupuncturist as Saturn completed Virgo this year!  Another one of you got your massage license; another opened a restaurant and flourished; and another graduated Rogue Community College & pursued SOU.

Next time I’ll look at your charts with Asteroid and maybe Star detail.


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