#25. Christianity, Astrology, and All Spiritualities

Recently I noticed that a couple of my Christian friends that go back to my childhood were thinking of me as opposed to Christianity—because they think Astrology is opposed to Christianity. Not so. In fact Astrology points the way (and aids in the journey) to the Christ Power.

Astrology is not sectarian. It’s a tool that helps Christians, Hindus, New Age thinkers, believers in Reincarnation, and some scientists who think there’s no God.

However, Astrology’s foundation is the identical substrate and symbol as Christianity’s—and for the same reasons. Astrology’s a tool that aims spiritually (when properly used this way) to join us human Souls back to God. And it shows how—what’s in the way and how to remove the obstacles.

I got inspired to write this Post when I received emails from my friends mentioned above and also an article from a Christian M.D. about Laminin– a family of proteins that are an integral part of the structural scaffolding of basement membranes in almost every animal tissue.” He said “Laminins are what hold us together…. LITERALLY. They are cell adhesion molecules They are what holds one cell of our bodies to the next cell. Without them, we would literally fall apart.

Then he showed a picture of a Laminin:

Laminin Molecule

The ——————– (horizontal part of the Cross) is the mundane Plane, the daily consciousness of the ego. The vertical portion is the spiritual Movement of the Soul to the “heavens”—the Inner state of the Christ Power/God/SPIRIT POWER of the top of a chart. Usually we act this out in our “careers,” but the fundamental movement and implication is to our Souls.

See/Scroll down to #Post 18 below to see what our tilted Earth shows for our Cross:








We have constant choices which aspect of the Cross to put our attention on; and even when we place it on the Horizontal, we have choices within that to uplevel to Spirit or Jesus. For example on the right of the Horizontal beam is the place of relationships. Secular love gets hung up in sex, divorce, conflict, blame, and the lack of a spiritual marriage.

Yet we can always go vertically to achieve a relationship that gets past the ego melodrama and rises to the “career” of developing your Soul’s true love. We strive for and live in the level of the Christ Power (Heaven on Earth).

Astrology points to what is in the way. Then suggests ways out and UP.

The foundation of Astrology, Christianity, our bodies, the universe requires the Spiritual Path for any real gain or growth, and this Astrologer Soul believes this trek is what we’re on this planet to do.


One response to “#25. Christianity, Astrology, and All Spiritualities

  1. I believe Shakespeare hit the nail on the head when he wrote in one of his pieces that the philosophy of man could never comprehend the truth. Right now, I’m more concerned in getting people interested in the subject of Astrology by offering an informative blog site which covers many subjects about life. It would be great if we could all help each other.

    Kind regards,

    Mike O’Hare

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