#23. 14,000 Asteroids (or at least 70 or so)–Putting Mythology in Its Place

Did you know there are Asteroids called Child, House, and Industria? You can already imagine what they correspond to in meaning and impact in your life—just from their names! And in fact they very much do tell us valuable information about those subjects. Why?

Perhaps because they enter our consciousness via the process of human Naming. Perhaps because those cosmic rocks are imbued with energies that correspond to experiences in human life. We don’t really know.

The point is that Stars, Planets, and Asteroids (or dwarf Planets) are Astrological constructs for our behaviors and events!

As you know most of these bodies are name after Mythological figures—gods and goddesses of Greece, Rome, India, Egypt, Babylonia, and so on. Those stories shouldn’t logically or scientifically have anything to do with human events and behaviors. But they do!

In fact the stories from 2500 and 7500 years ago frame the nature of the corresponding celestial bodies and our bodies, along with our minds, feelings, and events. This truth has a very spiritual foundation. It unifies the ancient past with all of humanity. It ties the Greek Psyche hunting for her Eros to you and your seeking. It blends your ambition (or the lack of it) to the driving concerns of Saturn and time.

Well over 14,000 Asteroids have been given at least numbers and quite a number of identifying names, and these remnants of some cosmic body or bodies play significant roles in our lives, whether we’re aware of it or not—just as the sun affects a blind person who has never seen anything of it rays and blaze.

Aesculapia, Asclepius, Askalaphus, Hygieia all deal with health and well being, along with other healing energies like Hekate, Circe, and Medea. We know this from 1) their myths, and 2) empirical evidence that you can do yourself. Just watch the positions and aspects speak out in natal, transit, progressed, Solar Return, Lunar Return, and Key Cycle charts. (Well okay, you don’t have a computer or the Astrology programs, and you haven’t even heard of these asteroids….) Still the evidence is verifiable, and that’s what I’m here for.

We can just notice that when the Asteroid Aesculapia was within a degree of your Libran Ascendant, you suffered pains in your lower back. Libra corresponds to the kidneys, and Aesculapia deals with illness and remedy to your personal self, your body), so we might suggest you speak to your doctor about a possible kidney infection, especially if Saturn or Hades is aspected.

We can track what happened during the last passes to this place or to your 6th House of health with the astro-computer’s dynamic abilities.

Actually with midpoints and 70 Asteroids there are dozens and dozens of points that yield specific and accurate information on this and any subject.

PS For those of you in Southern Oregon. You didn’t miss the Grants Pass Body, Mind, Spirit Faire for May at the Fairgrounds! It’s this 2nd Saturday this month (May 10th). I’ll be speaking and showing slides on this Asteroid-Star-Astrology-Spirituality subject at noon. Do join me!


One response to “#23. 14,000 Asteroids (or at least 70 or so)–Putting Mythology in Its Place

  1. butterfly dancer

    I am beganing to see conections to some of the myths in my life as I look closely at some of the yhings that I have experienced.
    When I read the story of Psyche, I felt as if I was reading about myself. There are other myths that I can relate to, and now I find myself wanting to know how I can use the information I am learning to improve my self.

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