#22. Myth in Ancient Times and Now: Mother and “Death”

Each of us lives out many myths in our events and days. Several of them are directly transported intact for 2000 to 7500 years ago, roundly speaking into your psyche in many ways.

Consider the giant Archetype of the Mother. You either are a mother, and/or have a strong imprint of your physical mother within your psyche, powerfully shaping your life! She is symbolized on our Astrological Map by Moon, Venus, and numerous Asteroids.

She is symbolized by Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, Erishkigal, Persephone, Demeter, Ceres,… in Mythology. The Mother is a double Goddess—of life and death. Mother Demeter and daughter (other Queen) Persephone of the Underworld of “death”—meaning the other world of Inner/Higher Planes of Consciousness.

She is the Mother of the Hero and/or the Minotaur monster. One part of her rules in the Here Plane (Physical Plane); one part of her rules in the Beyond (heaven, hell, Astral Plane). One part of engenders dedicated spiritual Seekers; another part fosters selfish, dominators—cruel to women, children, and the planet.

She is Glinda, the kind Godmother; she is the Wicked Witch who called you unkind and untrue names; she is Medea gone crazy and trying to kill you; she is sorrowful Isis trying to put back together the pieces of her husband/child and having to go to the World of the Dead to do so, just as Inanna did.

What mother myth(s) do you live? There are many more than these of course, and you are contributing your story to the Planetary Akashic record. Knowing these details can help you alter your life story and increase your touch with the Beyond (“Death”) of the Greater Planes of Consciousness.

Be aware of the symbols, especially in your periods of katabasis.


One response to “#22. Myth in Ancient Times and Now: Mother and “Death”

  1. butterfly dancer

    I strongly agree that the enfluence of the mother is very powerful. When the child is born, from that first moment the person the child sees, hears, feels, smels and even sense is the mother. The effect the mother has on the chils is so profound. I see the power of the mother in affect and at work every day in my work as a teacher. It does not matter if the affect the mother has on the child is positive or negative it is always powerful.

    I have always believed that if women truly knew and understood the impact they have, and the power they have as a mother, then maybe they would do a better job of parenting. I know that my own mother had a deep and powerful enfluence on me. It was from her that I learned how to put myself on the back burner so to speak, when it came to taking care of my children. My mother said that the childs first teacher is the mother, so you need to learn as muchas you can about everything. I learned about sacrifice, and the need to set an example that is positive and strong from my mother. My belief in prayer and the spiritual all came from the trachings and example of my mother. I never liked it when I displeased my mother.

    With the power and enfluence a mother has, just think what can be accomplished, if women knew and understood, practiced and taught the Holistic approach to their children.

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