#20. We’re in Great Company. Jung used Astrology with Mythology too.

Astrology is the Baby that the scientists threw out with the bathwater. They know not what they do. I forgive them. For Astrology helps us on our tortuous and usually torturous paths of self-development and movement towards Awakening.

Did you know that the great psychologist, Carl Jung, who saw Astrology representing the “summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity,” also trained himself to interpret Astrology charts? Astrology and Mythology mutually describe each other.

He wrote in his letters, “Astrology, like the collective unconscious with which psychology is concerned, consists of symbolic configurations; the ‘planets’ are the gods, symbols of the power of the unconscious.” He saw astrological charts as inroads to the archetypal forces (planetary influences) at work inside ourselves, and can help us to know and realize the Divine Self.

All right! Just the sort of thing we want!


Jung and I have seen proper work with these mighty symbols bringus back in touch with ourselves and Spirit—through Dialogues. First you and I dialogue to identify what’s going on; then you and I together dialogue with your inward forces and through a study of your myths and possibly through your dreams. The Astrological symbols and Myths guide us (just as a Tarot Archetype will) to an image language of powers of the psyche to be recognized and integrated in your life.

The Archetypes (perhaps Emanations) of Spirit address us regularly in simultaneity or synchronicity or coincidence, and often in dreams symbols. Perhaps what’s wanted is for us to climb to our mountaintop in recognition and acceptance of the divine as seen in Johfra’s Capricorn from 1974.


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