#18. Your Role as Personal Hero Unfolding in Your Life and Chart

So here we are. Here you are, caught in the middle of your r riddle which may’ve stopped being amusing, strewn as it is with dead friends and family members that you loved and needed in your chaotic trek across the marshlands of some destiny you don’t seem to be endorsing.

From what I’ve so far said, you can surmise I think all it—the pain, loss, temporary joys, marvelous or disappointing children—has profound importance for each of us. Krishna, Buddha and Jesus all showed us our paths in their lives. They revealed the vicissitudes of the hero-task, and “its sublime import when it is profoundly conceived and solemnly undertaken” (as Campbell eloquently puts it)JFK

My point is that each of is the Christ, the Buddha in a pre-aware state but working just as hard sitting under the Bo Tree or carrying the cross—like the cross and crucifixion of JFK, a hero like yourself.

The horizontal plane is the earth Buddha sat on, the crossbar Jesus hung from, and the ego axis of the Astrology Zodiac. All of us have this cross. All of us have our mission or jobs. All of us seek to bring out that Christ power or Buddha Power in ourselves so that we can rise above our egos and belief in this Physical Plane.

Mythology shows that the effect of the successful adventure of the hero is the unlocking and release again of the flow of life into the body of the world. Unlike the heroes of religions, literature, and film, most heroes may not be successful—in one particular incarnation.

But in the long run (many lifetimes) . . .


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