#15. What Does Personalized Myth Do for You? How’s Myth Important in your Life?

Since we are Spirits/Souls, the energies we relate to most are images and to those images in motion like a film. These moving images inform a story as we recognize in dreams, highly symbolic with harmonics that tell many stories of upper and lower Dimensions because we are multi-dimensional.

However, since we identify with being bodies and egos named Jack or Jill, we get caught up in our daily melodramas which we take so seriously that we call the activities reality!

The Teacher, our Higher Self, tries to correct our delusions by impelling visions of greater reality. Ordinary dreams may be of our brain and ego overflow of the day’s events, but visions that have strong shaping power come filled with symbol which may reach the level of Archetype. Archetypal images come from the Divine Source and our Collective Unconsciousness (perhaps the same thing…).

We see this ongoing film in our dreams . . . and in our waking lives. Modern mythologist, Raven Kaldera says, “As the potential masters of our own personal mythology, we can always choose to embrace the gifts of our archetypal patterns, as well as release those that no longer serve us. (That’s the great structuring value of Myth and Astrology.) And once you see them, you’ll find that you’ve given yourself more choices about what paths you want to be on, and which you feel you’re done with. It’s how the right stories can change anyone’s world.

Identifying personal archetypes in yourself like the role of a Trickster and seen Astrologically with Mercury square to Saturn, and a semiquare to Venus/Sun can show a Peter Pan resisting growing up, refusing responsibility, dodging his creativity, and detesting his father. You can choose to work on the archetype of Puer Aeternis (Eternal Boy) to nurture him to maturity in yourself.

Myth and dream become personal in self-image, as I see it. If you can modify your self-image you can make almost immediate changes. For example, if you see yourself as a terrified person running to save your life from a fire in your house, and you suddenly discover there is no fire, your self-image alters immediately . . . and your blood pressure and pulse lessen, your stress melts away. You change.


2 responses to “#15. What Does Personalized Myth Do for You? How’s Myth Important in your Life?

  1. butterfly dancer

    I see my self not as being terrified. I see my self as being a witness to the fact that one can suvive the most tragic and frightening experiences. I see myself as one who is here to help children and parents function at their highest physically, mentaly, emotionaly and spiritualy. When ever I see that I have helped those I work with towards this, I feel good and as if my life here is worth while. Then my self image is improved.

  2. Sounds very good, Butterfly Dancer. Good, probably best, therapeutic action.
    I wasn’t saying, though, that you are terrified but was talking about how a terror that we might have can be changed instantaneously by the mind having new information.
    And this applies to other emotions too. If we are able to reframe an experience from I’m-pissed-at-my-brother-because-he-stole-my-inheritance to something else like
    My-Taurean-brother-is-suffering-from-insecurity-and-fear-of-insufficient-money, then you might be in a place to begin to release your resentment, anger, hostility, victim feelings.

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