#13. What Spirituality, Astrology, Meditation, and study have taught me.

Spirituality, Astrology, Meditation, and study have taught me. We humans are Spirits believing we are bodies but instead are merely trapped in mind, which is the obstacle to Truth and Self-recognition. We live in a Grand Delusion.

Together with the Collective shaping of our lives and Karma (urges and mandates from past choices and actions), our minds trap us innocent and unaware Souls/Egos.

Mostly it’s our self-image beliefs that wrap steel bands around us–but we cling to these stories that are generally subliminal yet appear to us in sleep dreams and in the waking dreams of our outpictured lives. What you see is you!

Your mother may’ve been a witch—or Not. What’s important is the story you’ve told yourself. The Stars and planets symbolize your stories and humanity’s in a miraculous manner that focuses these Myths into your life. The Astrology chart is a Grand Map of you on multiple levels, but still dependent on what beliefs, values, and energies you bring to each moment. You do have some free will, though not much, because your past beliefs and choices have engrained and entrenched you.

One marvelous Myth that some of us carry is of the Hero, but misinterpreted as I can save myself. I can achieve Liberation on my own. I don’t need help. Very WRONG. The great Saviors like Buddha tell of many past lives of Work that required Guides and Teachers, but again the illusory mind self-inflates.


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