#10.7. Announcement—Classes. Learn to read your Astrology!

Now you can learn to read and track your Astrology chart from home online. Just as we can have Video Dialogues (see #10.5), we can have whole classes!

First up will be the Basic 5 classes that will let you be able to look at a chart and know what’s going on—understanding Planets, Signs, Houses, and Aspects, over 5 weeks.

We’ll also introduce Moon Nodes so that you will know how to approach the charts of family and friends before you take on other Basics and Intermediate considerations.

The cost will be $78 for the 5 one-hour (plus bonus time)  sessions online. No driving. No Gas. No wasted time. I’m thinking Saturday Mornings tentatively in the middle of March, but I’m going to wait for your feedback—email khier@astropath.org or call (541) 846-1011.

A book (Transpersonal Astrology and Synthesis: Holistic Approaches to Interpreting): that goes along with the Course is available (but not required) that will be used for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, so one-time outlay for $22 (emailed), or $29 (shipped).

50% off your book for another classmate who takes class too.

66-2/3% off book for 2 classmates you bring.

Book FREE for 3 classmates you bring taking the class.


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