#10.6. Announcement: Presentation for You, GP 3rd Thurs

Feb 21, 2008 Presentation with Focus on Star-based Astrology.

Thurs. Tally Ctr Title: The New/Ancient Use of Fixed Stars

109 N C St,

Grants Pass

(across from Court House)

Come learn about putting the Stars back into Astrology. Today’s Astrologers use Planetology with only one Star, the Sun, but what about the other 300 Stars we see in 88 Constellations? It’s a giant task, but we can do it.

This is a new but ancient science/psychology. The Sumerian/Babylonians handed this down to the Egyptians, Greeks, and Arabs. Now since we’ve recovered this knowledge we get to tap into Fixed Stars in our lives in an even greater, more spiritual way than our ancestors and conventional Astrology.

Join us for an investigation of Spica, Aldebaran, Fomalhaut, Vega, and others—and bring your birth time. We can check out your Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars, while we change how Astrology thinks about the heavens and your Spiritual Path.


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