#10. The Sacred Arts of Astrology

Astrology is sacred, and it represents a combination of many arts. Sacredness has to do with worthiness of respect; a spiritual practice for the Soul. I am reverent about Astrology because it shows me doors that grow me into the Beyond. It takes my ego to who I really am as Soul.

Actually I don’t have a Soul. . . . I am a Soul masquerading as an ego believing I’m a mind and body.

Astrology is a tool composed of many arts that give guidance—rather like answered Prayer, the main gift from the Spirit. When I want to understand why I fell off the roof and broke my hip, I get accurate detailed explanation in my Astrology chart (transits) that give me direction and growth if I choose to honor the Answers.

Astrology doesn’t exclude God; it makes a telephone call or text message to Her/Him.

The Art is understanding the reply. Spirit speaks to us in the language of symbols, maybe images like a dream, or events in waking life. Astrology is made up symbols, and when we have relationship to these, we have keys to hearing Spirit’s voices.

Opening in Field

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