#8. More Soulutions

Just what sort of Soulutions can we expect from Astrology?

Of course the solutions for the Soul are endless. I’ll just give a few pointers (metaphors, really) for you to imagine in your own life.

Our Souls have come to this plane and time—to learn how to grow and ultimately be again in charge of coming and going, known as Liberation. Thus our current behaviors, values, attitudes, and vast variety of choices make up the power of our Karma and experiences of life.

Many New agers like to think that we can easily overcome our Karma by willing it and believing in a different way. Not so. Astrology verifies that energies will have their way—though we certainly may be able to moderate or modify the resultant events. Do you know how???

Hardly any one of us knows—a few Perfect Masters and occasional developed Souls. Not very comforting to us who would like Liberation from compulsory rebirth, or at least relief from pain, aging, and. death.

Enter Astrology. It helps us take the pills of self-recognition. If your business’s office strangely takes fire in the night and puts itself out after ruining over $50,000 worth of smoke-covered appointments, check your transits and progressions, for starters. A transiting South Node is often over-looked, but sitting on Natal Saturn as it was for this person in the 6th House…

So one Soulution here is to examine the area (6th House of work) to note where you’ve been putting perhaps misplaced energies, attitudes that bring defeat or just stress. Soul energies are particularly expressed with the Signs–symbols of whole constellations.

This particular South Node is crossing Saturn (strong statement of father) in Leo, another statement of father. So the Soul is working through challenges in attitudes about father images like responsibility, authority, work ethics, and too much self-preoccupation–perhaps to the level of arrogance or asserting superiority. However, the Node has just transited Virgo for over a year, so this Soul has been deal with self-doubt and self-criticism–and may need to be in some limelight to feel good about self.

With planetary transits or progressions, it’s easy to see the energy inputs–Jupiter for social, spiritual, professional concerns; Venus for love concerns; etc. But the Nodes take considerably more feeling-into. Let’s feel into Nodes next.


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