#7. Soulutions: Stars & Planets during Life

Our friends at soulutioncompany.com have this title for their site, and I couldn’t resist writing a blog regarding it. You’ve been gathering that Astrology does just this. Astrology gives Soulutions to us hungry Souls hunting for solutions to life, to meaning, to love.

We all are. Oh we may think we’ve got it down for a while (sometimes a year or even five), but then life serves up a big tennis ball that we can’t return. We get flustered or worse, often act out, and behave the way we did 10, 20 or 40 years ago.

As you probably know, transit charts and progressed charts show what’s going on–maybe Saturn cranking down on your relationship, or bringing out illness in your child. Or maybe a rush of job opportunities with Jupiter, requiring you to choose whether to leave loved ones to work in another state or country.

But do you know the Stars also aid us in timing as well?

The Stars make dramatic connections to us, characterized in our charts. When a Star rises or sets or culminates (at noonish) with one of our planets, it doesn’t just prefigure energies and events. It also correlates with times in our lives when activations occur.

We saw this in Dr. King’s death when the Star and planet conjoined at his prime of life. Stars aren’t as exact for our purposes as Planets, at least from the point of view of the Natal chart, but they do indicate a range of time . Therefore they are important in certain situations and for certain needs we might have.

The spiritual question always then arises: if the event is seen at birth in the Natal chart, doesn’t that indicate pre-destiny?


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