#2. Quantum Physics in Astrology


Precise correspondences is another way of describing how energies from a star or planet link up with your personal energies—usually at the moment of a start of an event like birth or signing a document.  But events don’t happen to people, people happen to events (said Dane Rudhyar).  This not about causation!

I’m spirit (my spirit, soul, mind), and I hold attitudinal energies and expectations which shape what I experienceThe universe isn’t really material.Quantum physics has demonstrated that we live in a Non-local universe.  (Remember the film What the Bleep Do We Know?)  There’s simultaneity between that Star in the real spiritual universe.  In the material universe it may take light-years for a Star’s light to reach us, but in the spiritual universe (within our spirit, soul, and mind), that Star’s energy is instantaneously, non-locally, simultaneously within our psyches!So what you think you know about Astrology is probably wrong.  Astrology presents us with a deep Map (or really many Maps) of how the symbols of the spiritual energies looked in the material world—a chart of you.



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