#48. Small is beautiful –What Minor Planets do You include?

48. Small is beautiful –What Minor Planets do You include?

Our society seems to appreciate what’s biggest, strongest, quickest—splattering the internet and newspapers with the 10 biggest Hollywood breasts, the 13 worst foods, the 5 acceptable Dwarf Planets, or the latest 19 into some Hall of Fame.

I don’t mean to belittle excellence. I quite admire achievers myself.  But when it to comes to choosing a model because she’s taller, or a Hollywood star because she’s big busted, or which energy to accept into your Hall of Minor Planets, I draw the line.

Remember the phrase “Small is beautiful”? Wiki tells us, “It is often used to champion small, appropriate technologies that are believed to empower people more, in contrast with phrases such as ‘bigger is better.’”


These drawings of the Minor Planet, IO, which is about 180 km on its long side, show that most of the Minor Planets are not round, and come nowhere close to Pluto’s size which is 2,322 km in comparison to the Earth’s which is a whopping 12,756 km.

Yet before the person with the ruler says I told you so, the Earth is only 1/11 to 1/12 the diameter of Jupiter at 142,984 km.  That’s getting close to the ratio of Io to Pluto.

The Earth with its friendliness to humans is where we would like to live. In fact we couldn’t live on Jupiter. We much more value the Earth over the larger Jupiter. Certainly in this case, small is more beautiful.

No doubt you’re getting my point.  In a quantum universe, space and time are negligible. The distance of a star still has a Here-and-now quality to it, especially in the Unconscious worlds of the mind and the inner dimensions where Io’s frequencies are   transferred to human consciousness in terms of thoughts, feelings, and events as Astrology shows us in constant Illustration.

The universe’s foundation is Spiritual, and with human eyes pretty much unseen. The frequencies of infrared and ultraviolet rays require us to use machines to detect them. In fact we need telescopes to see Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the Dwarf Planets, and the Minor Planets (unless we use inner vision and leave the body in what is called Astral travel).

So let’s not play down the tiny space bodies that are small like the Apollo near Earth objects that are only near 1 km in size, because the dimension of Consciousness In the spirit world is only a point, and yet it contains the entire universe, much like the matter (about the size of a basketball, scientists say) that existed before the big bang. Much like a hologram.

I encourage you to pay attention to these Minor Planets because the small energies just might empower you.



#47. What Do You DO with Mythology?

47. What Do You DO with Mythology?

The question about whether to study Mythology has been with us ever since early Greek times when Xenophanes in the late sixth century BCE. and hundreds of years later Socrates and Plato articulate criticism of the amorality of the Olympian gods.

image  Symbol for Heracles

Yet Myths (like today’s literature and film) inform people how one might think and live.  In Norse Mythology Loke behaves abysmally, showing us that we don’t have to.  That’s my point. One thing that Myth offers us is a clue towards responsible behavior.  We see another perspective and the outcome of error.  The characters are literal and symbolic.  We see the foolishness, stupidity, and mistakes of people … and hopefully cop to the roots of those same mistakes in ourselves.

Yes, “we still act exactly as – or even worse – than the people in the myths” (see Why Bother with Greek Mythology?http://antigonemythology.wikispaces.com/Why+Bother+with+Greek+Mythology%3F ).  Yet while this is highly important for our study of Mythology, there are many more important reasons to pay attention closely to these great mythic stories of humanity in crisis.

Highly selfish and vicious Ixion punished forever
on an endless spinning wheel.

Most of these tales are more important in some ways then more recent literature because they rose from the collective unconscious, that is, from the rich archetypal symbols and experiences that have roots throughout all cultures. They are global in describing humanity’s follies.

In looking for human growth and spiritual increase, the stories are center stage for us to know the workings of our subtle minds and unconscious behaviors – or at least the rudiments of them. Knowing what’s really going on in our psyches is the entrance way to spiritual growth. Taking responsibility for what goes on in our breast – and not projecting it out onto criticism of others – is another requirement for that spiritual growth.

And still, there is an even more important reason for us in the 21st century to take up the earnest study of these archetypes and moral situations – namely that they are reborn and demonstrated in our recently discovered Minor Planets, and now fit in with our ancient Major Planets to help guide the way both to our Spiritual Path, and to our existential choices in our mundane daily lives.

My work here is to help us all to recognize the guidance for our path for self-improvement, and our Path for Spirit, whether it be Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Wiccan, self-created, guru-inspired, and so on.  That’s what the Academy is about:

Website Astrology School   http://QuantumAstrologyAcademy.org       Astropath Quantum Astrology Academy

Summary of Some Contributions of Mythology.

1.   Models and mirrors of ourselves.

2.   Rich archetypal symbols of ourselves and situations.

3.   Delivery of global collective unconscious truths of humanity and ourselves.

4.  Identification of what’s really going on in our psyches and feelings.

5.  Intimate connection and correspondence between the myth, the Minor Planet, and ourselves.

#46. Will the Real Virgo-Type Stand Up, please.

46. Will the Real Virgo-Type Stand Up, please.

I like to think of Astrology and the Wheel as a series of continuums that sometimes are cycles and sometimes are ladders between Signs and Houses.

In thinking this way, there is no actual Virgo or Pisces but instead a point on the continuum between the two, and it fluctuates (moving more towards Virgo, or more towards Pisces) in tune with I thoughts, words, and deeds.

Both deal with virginity and indulgence, for example.  A person locates on the continuum at times in her/his life and indulges in sex or abstains,perhaps like a Vestal Virgin in a temple, who used sexuality as a means for spiritual advancement as in Tantra.  (So a Hestia-type person could actually still retain one’s spiritual virginity.)

Virgo and Pisces also deal with service, from personal to communal.  Both deal with work too, so a person might have the extreme and negative sort of work that’s picky and critical, on over to benign and altruistic of Pisces’ positive, to Pisces’ negative of spaced out laziness and avoidance, maybe preferring to be toked up.

I have Pisces rising but with the ruler Neptune in Virgo, so I really taste both the extremes and vacillations—and sometimes many points in between.

This understanding is one reason why generic nomenclature or  pigeonholing doesn’t work.  There are as many Virgo-types as there are Virgo Suns, Ascendants, Moons, and rulers.

Nothing new here… .  It’s just approaching the Wheel in terms of Six Pairs.

Website Astrology School   http://QuantumAstrologyAcademy.org       Astropath Quantum Astrology Academy

#45. Glossary of Asteroids and Planets Open to Public Viewing

45. Glossary of Asteroids and Planets Open to Public Viewing

Post 45 Top Image

This slice of Data is located in the C’s of the front-page Glossary at http://QuantumAstrologyAcademy.org, the new Astrology School.
Students and general public can access this space body information, along with Keywords, Affinities to similar other solar system Planets, and often pertinent myth and research info, depending on the energy.
The yellow section above are the headings found for each body, showing Symbol, Abbreviation, Gender, and Catalog #, which you will need if you have to put it in a chart at astro.com. Chariklo (Kar-ee-kloh) is in a class of Centaurs (Ken-tars). The violet-colored number refer to the AU (Astronomical Unit, which is the distance from Earth to the Sun). The smaller the AU, the closer to us is the Planet.
Another factor that tells us how fast the body might be traveling is the Orbit per Earth Year around the Sun. 63.2 is average for Kentaurs, which usually go from Saturn’s orbit out past Uranus or even Neptune. In comparison, Mars take about 2 Earth years to orbit the Sun and us.
Chariklo is the largest Kentaur, wife to Chiron, mother to Okyrhoe (O-keer-o-wa). Both mother and daughter are seers, an important clue to interpretation of them in your chart.
The site then suggests Keywords, Affinities to other planets, myth info (though most of that will show on another glossary), and Research collations—people who have the energy prominently.
Major work in progress! There are 50 A’s alone… and I’m only in the C’s here in August, ‘14.
Note these two C’s that follow. Child has no Gender—till it refers to a little person or adult in a chart. Charybdis is an inner monster that needs some love, but the astronomers haven’t published its diameter yet.

Post 45 Bottom Image

#44. Hekate, Ceres and Reminders of a Quantum Megaverse.

Triple goddess, Hekate


In sharing with you my focus on the new planets, I’m drawn to the powerful energy of Hekate now.  In this blog I’m showing the use of these magnificent asteroids in our daily lives by revealing to you in my own chart their workings and twistings.

I have in Hekate my Natal 12th House in Pisces.  This suggests for me that many driving urges to help people aspire to their highest potential and spiritual path is often, or even generally, hidden from me, and I get very frustrated and sometimes lost in the pursuit.  I become bogged down in my sensitive concerns, and feel near lunacy as I reach to bring order and spiritual direction to my moment. Very 12th House, and very Hekate.

That’s the Natal background a bit, which we must always use to really understand the current moment.  Someone in an insane asylum or a monastery with Hekate in the 12th House will have a very different background that’s involved—Sign and aspects.  She has different emphases and colors in your Sign and House.

Right now (May 20, 2014) and since January, Hekate and Ceres have been traveling together at the same speed, both forward and backward, and are joined at 19° Libra, still retrograde in my 8th House.

What’s that about?  I’m getting nurturance from, or nurturing (probably both of these) some Hecate topics in myself that probably have deep, perhaps penetrating (8th House), effects on my psyche and emotions.

We look at Natal and current positions for Hekate and aspects to get the picture.  You’re reading my current topics of concern and focus right now in my attempt to share the use of Asteroids in the new Astrology.  My Natal positions for these two bodies are getting some development and fulfillment right now.  I’m expanding people’s awareness of Hecate’s spiritual and upleveling energies that move from the Natal to the current transit experiences.

To be more specific:  Hecate helps us to see our own demons so that we can choose to rise beyond them.  My demon here is procrastination – perhaps even fear of getting down and doing the work.  I’m writing the blog and sharing my experiences.  Hecate can lead to light if I am willing to walk along.  The presence of Ceres emphasizes support for this particular journey.  I feel comforted.

Additionally, while the pair backed up, they crossed over the North Node in the sky.  That same North Node is at this time sitting upon my Natal North Node!  I call that endorsement from the universe because the North Node is traditionally where one is heading for the big journey.  And towards the end of July 2 asteroids, benignly working in my chart, in my being, from their space positions Will again go forward and across my Natal North Node for the last time for the next four years or so.

The upshot of all this is that my project of delineating meanings for nearly 300 asteroid bodies is indeed fostering my spiritual development and my current purpose in life.  Cosmic endorsement! – especially for my Astrology School:  http://QuantumAstrologyAcademy.org

btw:  Wonderful commentary on Hekate by Leah Whitehorse at http://www.leahwhitehorse.com/2014/04/07/asteroid-hekate/

#43. Serious about your Path? Ohotto echoes Astropath—Excellent Read



Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche

-C. G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections


#42. …All You Need is Love…

As I was jus’ saying, since squares and oppositions may be experienced as CTA’s (calls to action), the activity may be with another person or within one’s self, as integrating the ogres, and learning how to love “them.”  Asteroids Tris and Isolda, Cyllarus, implying Hylonome (who like Juliet chose death to be with her Beloved),…and Guinevere who has just passed Pluto, and both melt together briefly as the Moon crossed them both in the first chart diagram in the first Grand Cross post for Apr 20.

Remember Guinevere? King Arthur’s Queen who fell in love with Lancelot while still loving Arthur. Love theme abounding.  She’s the crown glyph conjunct Pluto exactly at 13-degrees Capricorn.

We’re looking at meanings of infidelity and wrong values too—part of the growing pains towards learning how to love, nor can we forget lust.  However, after helping to dismantle Camelot, she wished she had behaved differently and lived the rest of her life as a nun, so we’re looking at potentially greater Spiritual Love.  I mentioned this possibility also in Jupiter in Cancer where it is exalted.

On the other side of Pluto is the Asteroid, Okyrhoe, daughter of Chiron—how fine is that!? She was a prophetess who was turned into a mare because she told what would happen to her father and about his death.  (Much like another Asteroid, prophetic Kassandra, who was never believed).

Blending Pluto with Okyrhoe and Queen Guin, some prophetic Astrologer might imagine something adverse England’s beloved monarch, or that Astrologers’ trumpets of the Grand Cross will reach ears insistently.  I prefer not to go that route.  I don’t keep up with all the news, and I like to use Astrology for helping a person uplevel feelings, purpose, values, and Spiritual Path, whatever that might be.

Pluto, Okyrhoe, and Guinevere are about transforming and being transformed — Persephone, prophecy, a mare, a nun — all about humans seeking some level of transcendence.  Pluto led to Persephone becoming a Queen, not just of the Underworld, but of her own Unconscious.  One can see she moved up on the inner Realms.

Re the cosmic nature of this, please note Sarah Varcas’ article on Cosmic Satorihttp://astro-awakenings.co.uk/23rd-24th-april-2014-cardinal-grand-cross,

The opposition from Jupiter adds expansiveness to this vista — perhaps suddenly with the square to Uranus, and the conjunction to Cyllarus, who was changed to his spirit self in a twinkling, and no one knew how.  These planets and aspects emphasize the strong possibilities of accelerated epiphanies — Meditational break-throughs, or feelings of intimacy with the global human spirit.  The window is available.  The dynamic beckons.

At the time of this publishing, the rare squares of the larger Planets have hit their degree tightness, and I’m receiving reports of
~ strongly increased connubial conflicts,
~ angst around desire to move to support father and daughter, but increased compelling to stay at current job with even more money,
~ breakdown of plans to have a book published for daughter’s birthday, but publisher giving no heads-up that it ain’t gonna happen.
~ steady ideas support flowing through me since Moon conjuncted Okyrhoe and Pluto, on through now, resulting in these three posts.

What’s been occurring in your life?